On Wednesday, June 2nd from 8am-3pm, Microsoft (along with COSE) is presenting “Microsoft Smart & Simple Technology Strategies.”  According to the post on COSE’s site (click here), you’ll “get tips, advice, and secrets from experts, all designed to help you utilize technology to increase productivity and your bottom line, protect your valuable data, improve your marketing efforts and work better on the go. “  You can see Microsoft’s take on it by clicking here.

Ok, that might be enough to send you there.  But you’ll also get to talk to me during lunch.  Specifically about BPOS, Microsoft’s online suite that includes Exchange, LiveMeeting, SharePoint and Office Communications Online.  I was asked by Microsoft (fools that they be!) to attend the luncheon, and talk to folks interested in learning more about BPOS.

We’ve been working with several companies recently, migrating their email from existing Exchange setups as well as hosted Pop3 services.  It’s actually a pretty cool service!

The event actually looks pretty decent too.  And, unlike most Cose events, this one is absolutely free!