Bob here.  Users of BPOS have to change their passwords on a routine basis.  Or they’re given a new password from Support, but need to change it before they can use it for anything useful.  If you’re at your desktop with the Single Sign On Client, that’s not too difficult.  But if you’re away from the desk, and want to go to the web?  It’s not so clear.

It’s not straightforward how to change their password without having to use the Single Sign-on Client.

Here’s how to change the password online:

Go to Http://  You’ll a screen like below.  Click “Go directly to My Company Portal.”

Screen for 

Log in just like you would if you were connecting to OWA.  When you do that, you should get a screen like:

 Company Portal Screen

 Up on the top right (circled) you should see an option to “Change Password.”  Click on that.  You should then see the following screen:

 Change Password Screen

 Put your old password where it says “Old password.”  And as you put in your new password, the stripe under “Password strength” will change color.  You have to have a “Strong” password before it’ll let you keep the new one.

 Click on “Save,” and kick back with a sense of accomplishment!