If you haven’t noticed, the PC marketplace is changing. Desktop PCs with a Windows operating system are no longer king of the hill. Smartphones and tablets are the new ‘talk of the town’ and Ultrabooks are emerging as the sweetheart in the world of laptops.

Add to this mix the recent release of Windows 8 and the new Microsoft tablets, the Surface RT and the Surface Pro, and speculation is rampant on how the computing landscape is changing. The ‘Computer Games of 2013’ are off with a bang!

A February 5, 2013 article on ZDNet.com titled “Surface Drumming Up More Demand with Global Mobile Workforce” by Rachel King is painting a bright future for Windows tablets with global information workers. Based on findings from Forrester Research’s second annual “Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey,” the report describes an employee of the mobile workforce as “someone working from multiple locations and using three or more devices for work.” It states that “29 percent of the global workforce now fits this description, up from 23 percent in 2011.” Working anywhere at any time is indeed “the new normal.”

The report goes on to report that 32 percent of respondents replied they would like a Windows tablet for their next work tablet. Applying the numbers, that suggests there is a potential for 200 million Windows tablets to be sold. This should be very good news for Microsoft.

On the other hand, the report is especially optimistic for the iPhone, suggesting 33 percent said it would be their next work phone, up from 16 percent who are using the iOS handheld now.

Let the games begin!