Windows TabletMicrosoft loves to name things and do it in a way that confuses the heck out of people (how do you shut your computer down?  First click on the button labelled “Start”).

Key Microsoft confusion this month?  Regarding Windows Tablets.  The terms “Surface,” “Pro,” and “RT.”

Here’s the simple explanation:

  • Surface:               A product line of Windows Tablets manufactured by Microsoft.
  • Windows Pro:    An edition of Windows that has full functionality.
  • Windows RT:      An edition of Windows, exclusively on Tablets, that has limited functionality.

So Dell makes Windows Pro Tablets and Windows RT Tablets.  But they can’t make a Windows Surface Tablet.

And Microsoft makes a Windows Surface Pro Tablet and a Windows Surface RT Tablet.

A Windows Tablet has the hardware capacity to be either Pro or RT.  Can’t do both.

Thank you Microsoft.