It’s no secret sales of Tablet computers are setting new records every month. With that increase in sales more and more employees are bringing their tablets to work and asking to gain access to the corporate network in an effort to increase their productivity. As a result there is a corresponding increase in risk as the security of the enterprise is exposed to devices that weren’t necessarily designed to handle that challenge.

Add to that the fact that some of these devices do better than others in successfully performing work-related tasks. Which leads to the question we as IT consultants hear all the time, “Which Tablet is Best for MY Business?”

To answer that question, Simplex-IT’s staff put together this informal comparison of the four major tablet platforms – iPad, Android, Windows RT and Windows 8 – and offers this presentation for your consideration during our May 2013 Lunchinar. So kick back, put your feet up and listen as Sarah, Brandon, Kevin and Steve give their views on which tablets are best positioned to hope you win at business. Enjoy!