Brandon Joins the Borg as its most junior member

Brandon sporting his Google GlassesBob here.  Ok, this one is pretty cool.  And yes, I’m jealous.  In a geek jealousy sort of way.

Our own Brandon King was recently accepted into the Google Glass Explorer program (it’s pretty hard to get into).  He went out to the Google offices in New York last week, where he picked up his own Google Glass device.

So what is Google Glass?  It’s a computer that you wear around your head like a pair of glasses that include a head mounted display and that includes voice and finger-tap based input.  Bottom line, it’s pretty cool.

Brandon will be creating some blog entries in the near future demonstrating Google Glass.

We just wanted to gloat a little, because odds are, you don’t have this.

I wanted to publicly cry a little, because I don’t either.

And Brandon doesn’t share as much as he should<g>.

(Btw, this will be a topic at an upcoming Simplex-IT Lunchinar and be demonstrated at our picnic in August)