Simplex-IT's Brandon King Previews Google Glass

Simplex-IT’s Brandon King Previews Google Glass

Simplex-IT’s own Brandon King kept a near record audience captivated at Hattie’s Café in Hudson during his recent presentation on Google’s latest revolutionary prototype product, called simply “Glass.”

Having been chosen to be a member of the exclusive Google Glass Explorers, a national group of select field testers, Brandon has had the good fortune to be using an advanced prototype of this innovative product for the last several months. So to begin, he answered the big question everyone had, “Exactly what IS Google Glass?”

Google Glass

Brandon sporting his new Google Glass!

Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted video display, in which the user can interact with the Internet via finger taps and natural language voice commands. Among its many capabilities it allows the user to get turn-by-turn directions, take pictures and videos with its built-in camera, as well as surf the web, and more. As Brandon explained, because this is a prototype product its features are continually being updated and expanded. By the time it’s finally released (no official date has yet been announced) there’s a good chance it will be significantly different, but its current configuration gave everyone plenty to talk about!

Has YOUR curiosity been piqued? If so, keep watching these blog pages as we recorded the entire event and we’ll be posting it within a couple weeks for your viewing enjoyment. I’m confident you will find it as captivating as the audience in attendance did. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

October’s Lunchinar is scheduled to give a preview of the new Windows 8.1 Update, scheduled to be made publicly available within a few days after our actual presentation. Again, watch this place for the official announcement and get your reservations in early!