Hey folks! Brandon here, just wanted to give you all an update on some of my experiences with Web Browsing on Windows 8.1. 

With Windows 8.1 Microsoft brings Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), which contains a lot of performance and security enhancements, but changes mean that your sites need to work well with it. I have already encountered multiple instances of websites that I rely on for work that are not compatible with IE11.

When a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox gets updated, there are always new things that might not work with websites that haven’t updated everything for each browser. Something that every business should be paying attention to is whether the websites they hold dear to their heart actually work on updated versions. This is one of the key reasons updating software gets delayed in a business environment.

The first thing we try when something isn’t compatible, is a feature called Compatibility View, which works by letting a list of websites you create run as if you were using an older version of IE, just for that website though. Unfortunately, the typical settings for this don’t seem to work as well as one would hope in IE11. The process quite the annoyance now and is rather inconsistent. Next I tried downgrading to IE10, but that process isn’t so simple either (They really want you on IE11).

I jumped into Windows 8.1 without doing my research into whether or not the sites I rely on for business will be compatible. Now I can’t use IE for work until the websites update on their end. This can be a tough situation to be in as a business. You need to get your work done, but should also be on the best and most secure experience possible. Sometimes we need to make a trade-off.

That being said, if you rely on web-applications for your business I would check with the people who run the site to see if it is compatible with IE11 and probably wait a little bit for them to get updates going.