A recent survey at “Somaini’s Cyber Security Blog” (http://somaini.net) has produced a list of the top IT Security vendors and Simplex-IT is proud to be associated with the company that came out the clear winner.

OpenDNS came out way ahead of all other vendors.  While they have been around for some time, since 2005, their core value of threat and policy management via DNS is a strong value with 43% of people saying they provide “High Value”.  It’s also interesting to note that the root of the company was in consumer security and only recently, in the past couple of years, made the move into the Enterprise.  With this the value is resonating significantly amongst CISO’s.  We should see much more of them in the future as they make their push farther.  Competitively, it looks like they have a solid ownership as I struggle to see anyone competing with them in their space.”

Simplex-IT employs OpenDNS Enterprise protection with all our clients to help minimize the possibility of security breaches on their networks. We’ve always been pleased with the performance and protection OpenDNS provides but it’s especially reassuring to see they are so widely acknowledged by their peers in the industry.

Our congratulations go out to the folks at OpenDNS. At Simplex-IT we’re proud to have you as one of our premiere Partners!