Yup, and hopefully for the better.

We’ve been putting out our eNewsletter for about 6 years or so.  And I gotta confess, I’m pretty proud of it.  We haven’t changed it a lot.  The content is almost all generated by Simplex-IT folks, and we try to steer clear of the sales-heavy propaganda stuff (except where we think there’s a good value).

It’s worked pretty well.  I think we’ve got one of the best eNewsletters in the business.

So let’s make it better.

We knew that by generating everything ourselves we were ignoring content that we thought would be valuable, even if it wasn’t (gasp!) created by us.

But we didn’t want to load the eNewsletter with that stuff.

So we started something new this month.  And I’d really like to get some feedback about this.

We started posting on various social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn articles and pieces from various sources several times a week (almost daily, actually).

We posted an additional 12 or so articles (or links to articles) that we thought were interesting.  Some were product specific (new Office Online features http://goo.gl/Ifi0jl).  Some were marketing pieces that we thought were still interesting (Dell/Intel’s overview of Flash/SSD storage technology http://goo.gl/4G71LQ).  Still other articles were more about business changes (Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella’s article about “Data Culture” http://goo.gl/EHepJ3).

Most of these never hit our blog.  If we just wanted to point to the article, we just pushed it via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  A couple articles we actually added a couple of paragraphs as an introduction and then the article summary in the blog (with full permission by the original authors, btw).

So if you want to keep up with us (and seriously, who wouldn’t want that<g>?!), you should Follow, Friend and Like us.  And encourage your friends to do the same.

Hey, that’s what friends do, right?