John here. We recently reported on the announcement that Microsoft has made Office available for the iPad for free. But another recent move has slipped under the radar – Office for Android has also recently been made available for free! It’s long been generally acknowledged that Microsoft’s Office is the default business suite for enterprise, despite the growing number of free programs that purport to be compatible, like Google Docs.

This recent article on MakeUseOf, one of my favorite sites, does a good job of comparing the pros and cons of the new Office for Android against Google Docs and comes up with some pretty strong conclusions. Like:

  • “This is the way that document editing on mobile should be”
  • “Office for Android does a wonderful job of preserving formatting between the mobile and desktop Office suites, something that Google Docs has long done poorly at”

Of course, as they point out, there are some limitations. Differing opinions can also be found from other users in the Comments section. But all told, this recent move does underscore Microsoft’s determination to remain King of the Mountain when it comes to being the business suite of choice for today’s enterprises.

You can read the whole article here.