Bob here.  Confession time.  We don’t know everything.  I know, I know…it certainly seems that way sometimes to me as well (then I wake up).

As most of us know, the key to “knowing” everything is to know where to find out key information quickly.  And that means knowing the best places online (although we still Google, I mean Bing, I mean look for stuff as well).

Here’s an article that includes a number of sites specifically aimed at Microsoft SQL Server.  Check them out!

This article excerpt, by John Sansom, originally appeared here:

There’s a lot of valuable information on the Internet. There’s also a lot of junk. Whether you’re browsing forums, websites or blogs, knowing what the best sources of SQL Server information are along with which ones you can trust, can be tricky. To help you get on the right track, here is my list of the most notable SQL Server forums of 2014.
SQL Server Central: This is your one-stop SQL Server shop. It has a top SQL forum and is also home to a tremendous amount of SQL server articles and blogs.
StackOverflow: StackOverflow covers more than just SQL Server. In fact, it caters to a whole variety of technology-related subject areas. The emphasis of the site has evolved to focus more on the programmer and so T-SQL questions are welcome, but administration questions are better served via an alternative forum.
The SQLBrit Community Forum: Being a successful data professional requires a lot more than technology skills. This is the place to talk about all the other stuff. It’s a great resource for those looking to grow their careers and to learn how other data professionals do their thing.
ServerFault: This was one of the first spin-off sites to StackOverflow to use their StackExchange platform and it is all about server hardware and administration. This is an essential reference tool for all serious SQL Server Database Administrators.
Database Administrators Stack Exchange: This StackExchange spin-off focuses on Database Administration (not just SQL Server). It is an excellent resource for SQL Server DBAs.
Microsoft MSDN SQL Server Forums: In my opinion, this is the forum you go to when you have a seriously tough question. The community on this forum is close-knit and the quality of the detailed responses provided is superb. The number of expert moderators is second to none, thereby negating any downsides. There is also a separate forum for each SQL Server technology and feature. Bottom line – if you can’t find an answer to your query elsewhere, you will find it here.
#SQLHelp: Twitter is not a forum in the traditional sense, but it is certainly an excellent resource for getting your SQL Server questions answered.
Check any/all of these out!