July’s Lunchinar “Virtualization for the SMB: How to Make Your IT Do More for Less!” is now online!

Check it out (mostly because it’s Kevin Dutkiewicz, not Coppedge…so there’s a chance it’ll make more sense than usual):

http://www.simplex-it.com/   Today’s servers typically run at only 10-15 percent of their capacity, resulting in wasted resources, unnecessary hardware investments and data center sprawl. Virtualization, once available only to the largest of enterprises, helps you consolidate your applications on far fewer physical servers, thereby optimizing resource utilization and delivering up to 50 percent efficiency savings.

There are other compelling reasons why your business might want to look at using virtualization in your IT infrastructure. But, like almost everything in life, there could be drawbacks. We’ll discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of virtualization for the SMB.  Find out if this approach to IT can benefit your bottom line!