A short time ago we ran a little survey to determine what interest might exist for a sneak preview of the upcoming Windows 9 Operating System Technical Preview.  As an inducement to participate, we said we would enter each person in a drawing for a Simplex-IT “Glitter Rocket!”

The response was strong and the competition stiff. But today we’re happy to announce the lucky winner is Phillip Dipane of the Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (CVCA). Congratulations to Phil and thanks to all those who participated.

But, you may be wondering, what about the results of the survey?

Perhaps not surprisingly folks showed significant interest in what new features may appear in the upcoming release. In fact , some of those features have already been confirmed while others remain only as speculation.

According to Redmond Channel Partner, “based on leaked screenshots that appeared late last week, the upcoming Windows release is being referred to as the “Windows Technical Preview.” It’s expected to bring back the Start Menu and permit Windows Store Apps to run in their own windows on the Desktop side of the operating system, which has all been confirmed by Microsoft officials.”

“The leaked screenshots show other features that may or may not get included into the final OS build. Examples of possible features that may be included in Threshold or Windows 9 include the elimination of the Charms Bar, Cortana integration, an Update button, a Notification Center showing alerts from apps or from the system, as well as a feature called “Virtual Desktops.” This supposedly lets users compose different screen views, which can be used to pull apps together.”

As you can see from the above chart, Simplex-IT Lunchinars, Webinars and YouTube recordings all placed strongly as preferred methods in which our respondents choose to be updated. For the FIRST word on any developments, however, check out this space. This is where we will breaking all the latest news. Stay Tuned!!