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Crotchety Olde Geek #6: Why mobile apps are free; you’re probably no more careful with your data than Target is: http://bit.ly/1nFW0UD

Wait up, #Google! Now thanks to #Atlas, #Facebook advertisers can follow you everywhere, too. Oh, goody!: http://bit.ly/Zk4lCo

Adorable robot cheerleaders have a ball. Until their eyes are replaced with lasers and they turn on us: http://bit.ly/Zk4PIU

Free Webinar from Simplex-IT! Managing Your Email in Outlook 2013: http://bit.ly/Zk55aC

Make your cloud safer: How to enable two-factor authentication for the most popular cloud services: http://zd.net/1mxNLct

Ok, so a tiny robot learns to fly a real plane. But can it do it to a Kenny Loggins soundtrack? http://bit.ly/1x7ar6Q

First chapter of Groups in #Office365: http://bit.ly/1mxKklP

Simplex-IT’s Sept Lunchinar: Servers in the Cloud – Buying Service vs. Buying Boxes now online: http://youtu.be/qLy7f5JMAik

Threat from within: Disgruntled employees are increasingly e-sabotaging businesses, FBI says: http://bit.ly/1mxNAhe

Best Practices for Windows #Server2003 End-of-Support Migration: Part 3: http://bit.ly/1mxJTbc

Is it *really* such a bad idea to use a password twice? http://bit.ly/1x7fKDx

Office Lens: Free #WindowsPhone App Lets You Capture Notes, Paper Documents, save them in #OneNote: http://bit.ly/1paXa5m

Home, yes…Kansas, no: #Microsoft Introduces the New #Office365 Home Page: http://bit.ly/1paX3qh

New Record!! Home Depot breach totals: 56 million credit cards exposed, $62 million in losses: http://bit.ly/1paWYmv

Microsoft Dumping ‘Office on Demand’ for #Office365 . Is #Azure Remote App coming soon?: http://bit.ly/1x7cYy1

Free Simplex-IT Lunchinar: “When Do You Know Your IT is Obsolete?” http://bit.ly/1paWQUj

The Art of #SQL Performance Tuning: http://bit.ly/1C18AAs

#Microsoft To Unveil #Windows9 ‘Technical Preview’ 30 September: http://bit.ly/1r12prj

#Apple adds two-step verification for #iCloud (sorta), effective immediately: http://bit.ly/1r1287Z

#Office365 news round-up: http://bit.ly/1uDVgja

Best Practices for Windows Server 2003 End-of-Support Migration: Part 2: http://bit.ly/1t9aYSQ

Thar’s Gold in them thar old servers! Man buys old servers, accuses Ernst & Young of data breach: http://bit.ly/1uDUxOY

Jeff Buskirk, Simplex-IT tech, featured in National College’s news: http://bit.ly/1wxcxNc

I run Windows…just…Windows: Report: Microsoft Dumping ‘Windows Phone’ and ‘Nokia’ Branding: http://bit.ly/1tW1bh0

Microsoft Boosts OneDrive with 10GB File Uploads, Folder Link Sharing: http://bit.ly/1tW0HYe

Brandon King returns to Simplex-IT after a 3 month hiatus as a Google apprentice: http://bit.ly/1qQIP2a

Seriously, Tim Cook says #Apple *does* care about #iCloud Security. But is that enough? [POLL]: http://bit.ly/1s4YM57

This is your brain. This is your brain on social media. Any questions?: http://bit.ly/1s4Rsq9

How far would your sysadmins go to fix a problem? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]: http://bit.ly/WzTn9A

Best Practices for Windows Server 2003 End-of-Support Migration: http://bit.ly/1s2ii2c 

Grasp the Business Value of a Complete SQL Server Health Check: http://bit.ly/WzRVnC

Free deployment of #Office365 by #Microsoft for new customers with over 150 seats: http://bit.ly/1s2h7zJ

#Microsoft is finally beating itself!! Yea!! Windows 8 Use Overtakes #XP Worldwide: http://bit.ly/1xlQOch

Free training, Windows 9, lunchinars, webinars and ice water.  Simplex-IT’s September eNewsletter is now online: http://conta.cc/1s239hw

Faster Cat videos!! Google Ratchets Up Quantum Computing Efforts: http://bit.ly/1xlRjmO

Game of drones: Google readies Project Wing against Amazon’s Prime Air: http://zd.net/1u4gRB4