Database performance is a fun topic (read our other blog entry on this by clicking here).  ”I’m running reports overnight.  They take 3 hours!”  Not necessarily the end of the world (the completed reports are still waiting for me in the morning).  ”There’s a customer on our web site.  It takes 15 seconds to see their order status.”  Ok, now we’ve got a problem.

“Sooooo…let’s buy new hardware.”  That’s the quickest and often the easiest (in terms of justifying the expense) sell to management.  Because more…more cpu, more memory, more disk…that’s going to fix it, right?”

Not necessarily.  If you’re not measuring what was actually happening during those 15 seconds, then you don’t know why it took so long.  That’s why we have Performance Counters.  Metrics we can get (in real time, if needed) to tell us what’s actually going on.  Why it took 15 seconds (or 3 hours, for that matter).  And the conclusions we can come to from these metrics?

Welcome to our second monthly Database webinar.  Doug Tombow will introduce you to some key concepts as well as provide some understandable examples of what you should be thinking about regarding the performance of your data.

Topics presented:

  • Why does Data Performance matter?
  • Data Performance is Relative
  • Determining Your Required Data Performance Levels
  • Monitoring Data Performance
Tuesday, February 24, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (EST)
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The presentation will be aimed at the non-technical level.

And a lucky attendee will get a free copy of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional!