MS AccessIn this free webcast, we will look at creating and working with data in Access tables.  First we will look at how to organize and separate information into functional tables and set a primary field to identify records.  Will look at design vs. datasheet view – how to create fields in a table and understand certain rules when working with fields.  Will set the primary key field and work with different data types (such as text, numbers, dates, hyperlinks and attachments).  Did you know you can create a calculated field in a table?  We will work with data property settings, such as input masks, setting defaults and understand why you should create captions for your fields. We will use the lookup wizard to connect fields to other tables and create dropdown lists. We will also look at the relationship window to understand how to relate tables together.

Then we will look at a using the search, sorting, filtering features in a table, as well as being able to total, average, count a column of numbers.  Finally look at creating a quick form to help you enter data more efficiently into a table.

Since Access is such a powerful program and there are many parts to this software, we will cover another session next month that shows how to create queries and use criteria to extract the information you need out of your database.  And will also cover how to create a quick report to print that information.

One attendee will win a copy of Microsoft Office Pro 2013, thanks to Microsoft!

When:  March 12th, 11am-noon (Eastern)

Where:  Online

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