Free Webinar: “Corporate Data Review – What’s That?”

Did you like last months article (and webinar) about Database Performance? If you did, then you’ll love this upcoming free webinar!

Welcome to our third monthly Database webinar. Doug Tombow will introduce you to some key concepts as well as provide some understandable examples of what you should be thinking about regarding assessing your existing corporate data.

Topics presented:

  • What is a Corporate Data Review?
  • How Useful is Your Corporate Data?
  • Determining the ‘usability’ of your corporate data
  • Enhancing the usability of corporate data

When: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (EST)

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A Corporate Data Review is just a fancy phrase for something we probably are doing already.  Assessing the usefulness of our business data and systems.  But what we are probably not doing is being proactive about that process.  In other words, formally reviewing our data and then taking action when we discover the information is not quite as useful as we imagined.

It happens all the time.  We deploy a new ‘wonder system’ that will ‘manage all of our data and provide information at our fingertips’.  It’s promised to require very little effort on our part and a wonderful work experience each day.  We’ll know everything about anything with just a couple of clicks of our mouse.  What could be better?

But then we soon discover there are some limitations in the wonder system.  Ones that actually prevent those benefits from being realized.  There was a problem getting the historical sales data loaded.  Someone decided to issue new customer numbers and now we have two accounts for each of our customers.  The programmer’s idea of ‘ease of use’ requires me to open 5 different forms to update a customer address.  Unfortunately, these are all too common occurrences in new systems.

What can we do about it?  Well, the starting point is to have an understanding of your existing business systems and data.  What applications do we use, what data do they contain, where is that data stored, what format is the data saved in?  How many of us can answer those questions accurately?  It’s not easy when you have 10+ systems installed by a variety of vendors over time.

When our latest system was purchased how much analysis of the data was performed?  From what we see in the industry it’s usually the ‘exact amount required’.  That is, the exact amount required to get the system operational (to some degree).  Notice that may not coincide with the exact amount required to fully benefit from your existing data and your new system.  Data analysis and systems integration are specialized skills.  Skills that take years to master.  Skills that are far beyond those required to install a new system, load some files and give the users an overview on how to use the screens.

This is why the promises of ‘information at our fingertips’, ‘a holistic view of your entire customer relationship’ and others like them are usually not fully realized.  Because in the end no-one is analyzing our data and making the required decisions over time to ensure it is re-usable into the future.  They’re just installing new systems.

Let’s change that right now!  Let’s undertake the task of determining the best way to use our corporate data across all of our business processes.  It’s actually a very simple process that every business owner can get started with immediately.

Take the first step by attending the upcoming Simplex-DBA webinar ‘Corporate Data Review – What’s That?’ on Tues, 3/24/15 at 11 AM EST.  During that session we’ll cover this topic along with a few others to help us understand how we can get the maximum value from our business data and systems.  Because that’s the reason we have these systems in the first place!

I hope you all can attend and look forward to seeing you online.