Corporate data is important.

Most corporations keep track of their operations.  How they service their customers.  How they work with their vendors.  Cash flow.

We usually gather this data through applications, and the data is “structured,” meaning it’s contained using a technology like SQL, Oracle or the like.

Our topic for our Lunchinar this month is “Keeping Corporate Data Healthy.”

Data is critical to your business.

It needs to be healthy and reliable.  It needs to be there when you need it.  And it needs to provide you with answers to questions that assist in your operations, both strategically and operationally. In other words it needs to be ‘good’ data.

Do you have confidence your data is good?  Do you proactively deal with issues involving your data and have confidence that it is healthy?  That it will ‘be there’ when you need it – accurate, secure and ready to be used?

Having comfort and confidence in your data is a simple matter of addressing the ‘3 pillars’ of good data.

  • Health:  your data can be used when you need to use it.
  • Performance: your data is available quickly enough to be useful.
  • Usefulness: your data serves its intended purpose, but can be readily used for others as well.

This month, we’re going to focus on “Health.”  This includes:

  • Backups – proven to be usable should the need arise
  • Integrity – your data is not corrupt and can be relied upon for decision making
  • Security – your data is available only to those you choose to have access
  • Availability – it is able to be used when you need it

Doug Tombow (who heads up our new Simplex-dba practice) and Bob Coppedge will be demonstrating some of the tools and tactics we’re using to manage and maintain the health of some of our customers.

Join us!  It’s free, there’s going to be food (unless you join us online, in which case you’re on your own), we’ll give away a copy of Windows 8.1 and who knows what else?!

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When:  Wednesday April 15th, 11:30-1pm (eastern)

Simplex-dba is part of Simplex-IT, which is an award winning IT services organization located in Hudson, Ohio (between Cleveland and Akron).  Simplex-dba is aimed at maintaining the health, security, performance and usability of corporate data (focusing on Microsoft SQL Server) in the Small to Medium Business world.  Our offerings include monitoring, management, training, proactive maintenance and strategic guidance.  We do so at a fraction of the cost of a full-time dba (DataBase Administrator) or those “big” consulting firms.

At Simplex-IT, we specialize in sharing our knowledge with several free webinar and Lunchinar events each month on topics such as Microsoft Office, Project Management and Data Practices.  Contact us at, Twitter (Simplex_IT), LinkedIn ( or FaceBook: (  You can also check out our YouTube channel with over 100 videos at