We first started the monthly Lunchinar concept back in January of 2009.  A simple idea, we’d just invite people to the Simplex-IT office, get some pizza, share some ideas about what’s going on in IT.  No sales pitch, nothing fancy.

Within the first six months, we outgrew the office, and found a great home the Hattie Larlham’s Café in Hudson.

We’ve shown Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.  All months before their release.  Google Glass, cloud servers, various versions of Office.  Business Continuity, Social Media for small to medium businesses.

3 years ago we started the “Geek Raffle” which raised funds for Hattie Larlham in December.

Then we started videotaping the event, and editing them for posting on YouTube.  John Harrow took care of that.

Fast forward to 2015.  We’ve added several webinars each month.  Although we’ve continued the lunchinars, the attendance has lowered to about the same as our webinars.

But the cost in terms of time and money is significantly higher for the Lunchinar.

So I’ve made the decision to put an end to the Lunchinar.


July’s Lunchinar will be the last of the regularly scheduled Lunchinar.  But we’ll have some additional events on the 3rd Wednesday of each month moving forward.

August will be our annual picnic (that ain’t going away).

September will be an online event (more details to follow).

October will be Simplex-IT’s first field trip (yup, I kid you not).

November will be an online event (more details to follow)

December will still be our Geek raffle (although some details might change from prior years).

January will be our annual “IT Trends for 2016.”