Bob here. I’ve found one annoying problem with Microsoft’s Office 2010. Thankfully, I’ve also found a solution, although it’s a tad weird.

The problem is opening a document that’s stored on a Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0 web site. Word (as an example, it also breaks with Excel) will attempt to open the document (Read or Edit), but then error out.

The solution? Strange as it sounds, you need to change your settings on Internet Explorer to use a fictional Proxy Server…and then tell it to ignore it.

Here’s how. In Internet Explorer (IE), click on Tools and then Internet Options. Then Select the “Connections” Tab:


And then click on the Lan Settings (circled in Blue). You’ll get the following:


It there are already values in the circled blue area, STOP AND CHECK WITH WHOEVER MADE THOSE SETTINGS!

Make the changes circled in Blue (including the check box). Then click on “Advanced” (Red circle).


And click OK 3 times, and you should be good to go.