Our most recent series of Lunchinars focused on business continuity and backup recovery.  Although it all seems like a big project to undertake, truly, the offerings of today allow you to easily protect your data and guarantee that things will continue to run as they should or be recoverable should disaster strike.

Even given the latest and greatest technological advances, it is amazing to see how little companies do to make sure that they can recover in the event of something debilitating. 

1,425 small and midsized businesses world-wide were recently surveyed regarding their IT security readiness and protection.  Here are the (somewhat concerning) results:

59% had no endpoint protection

47% had no desktop backup/recovery

42% had no dedicated IT staff

42% had no anti-spam solutions

35% had reported lost or stolen data devices

38% had no server backup/recovery

33% had no anti-virus protection

32% had security breaches due to out-of-date tools

25% had deliberate sabotage by employees