Having a solid backup system in house is absolutely imperative to business continuity.  From a sales perspective, there are many options out there and many vendors who provide them.  Simplex-IT has tested various vendors’ products and believes we have partnered with the best grouping of technology resources that is currently available.

Many companies prefer the tried and true way of physical (disk) back-up. Having the hardware and software onsite and being able to take the disk to a remote location offers a comfort zone that many of our clients utilize.  And, we are now able to offer both purchase and lease plans for this backup solution, making implementation more affordable and less of a capital expenditure.

One of the newest ways of backing up data is via the internet, or cloud storage.  This offers an effective solution that can be purchased via a monthly payment plan and is charged per device.  A few things you might want to consider when selecting an off-site data backup provider would be:

                How strong is the data encryption?   How easy is it for one to gain access to it?

                What is the response time for information restoration?

                Can the provider guarantee security at the backup site?

Your cloud storage provider should encrypt the data in such a way that only designated administrators can retrieve it.  The back-up site should be guarded and protected from every ‘direction’ and be timely in their return of information should disaster strike.

If your company hasn’t implemented any measures towards backup yet, be certain that you are looking at it from a ‘when we do’ perspective rather than an ‘if we do’.  Once your information is breached, there are a lot more cost factors and time involved in fixing a bad situation versus protecting against it in the first place.  And, it is a good idea to have a backup…for your backup.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any help as you gear towards business continuity by implementing a solid back up plan.