Julie here….Just wanted to give you the latest and greatest update on our Lunchinars.  The third Wednesday of every month, we welcome folks to join us for pizza and a topic du jour.  We learn…we converse…we have fun!  Our lunches are definitely growing in popularity!  One attendee remarked to me “I’m amazed at just how interested I am!”

March’s Lunchinar focused on ‘The Constant Contact Way of Email Marketing’.  To a full house, we reviewed marketing in general, and ways to manage in an economy where companies are constantly trying to do more with less.

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that has proven to be a valuable approach for Simplex-IT.  With just a hint of creativity, it allows us to instantly and effectively reach out to over 500 people with the click of the ‘send’ button.  It is a very cost conducive and extremely user-friendly venue and also includes a reporting feature that allows your company to track (among other things), who opens the newsletter, who forwards it on to others and who clicks on further links provided within your information.  Thus, you can customize the write-ups in your eNewsletter to appeal to the things in which your customers or potential customers seem to have interest.

You can view our eNewsletters via the link on the home page of our website.  Not on the list to receive ours?  Send me an email and I’ll add you!  You will enjoy the content…and be privy to upcoming Lunchinar topics.

Oh – and in case you are interested in subscribing to Constant Contact and the ability to create such marketing pieces for your own company, let me know!  We will both benefit from the referral via their incentive program.  They will give you a credit towards your online marketing campaign…just for signing up!

Happy spring!  Happy eNewsletter-ing!