Hi!  Julie here.  Another month is gone and we here at Simplex-IT continue to bring people together to talk about IT topics.  On February 18th, we hosted our second monthly Lunchinar.  This time, the focus was on IT security, and the information really proved to be an eye-opener to everyone in attendance. 

Things in computer-land aren’t as secure as they might seem to be and Bob (Bob@Simplex-IT.com) provided a great overview and explanation.   We discussed authentication versus authorization, certificates and encryption, even social engineering and how it comes into play.  Once the scare tactics were done, we then discussed different methods that all of us can adopt to protect our valuable information and identities.

Did you know that you should NEVER give out personal information via a cell phone?  That even shredded documents, if they are not cross-cut, could be pieced back together?  That gaining access to your computer password is as easy as someone calling and pretending to be your network administrator? 

It’s as simple as this…we are sure to lock our car doors when we go into the store.  We check and double check purses or pockets for our wallets or valuables.  Some even put their toddlers on leashes.  Such protective measures MUST roll over into our information technology world in order to be certain that our data is protected and our identities remain true – to only us.

So what’s on the menu for our next Lunchinar (besides salad and pizza)?  I’ll give just one little hint….it’s all in what we do to market ourselves that matters!  This presentation is sure to give you a great idea for getting your business some visibility. It’s one of the latest and greatest marketing trends and we’ll show you how easy it can be!  Watch our newsletter for more information.  Aren’t receiving our newsletter?  Let me know and I’ll make sure that you do.