First of all, apologies to the friends and family of Markus Groh.  But, I mean, really…

Here’s a great vacation idea:

Go down to the Bahamas.

Go scuba diving.

Ok, a bit boring, I grant you.  So let’s add some flavor to it, shall we?

Let’s toss some dead fish pieces ‘n parts (you know them as Fillet o’ Fish), attract some nasty, hungry sharks, and then jump on in and go swimming!

Well, that’s the tour that Markus signed up for.  And sharks showed up.  One of ‘em bit him.

Goodbye Marcus.

(the word “duh” should now be sung as a quasi-chorus, substituting “amen”)

When you engage in a behaviour that has a statistically meaningful chance of blowing up in your face, don’t be surprised (or come to me looking for sympathy) if your ticket is punched (or, in this case, bitten).

The same thing is true in business.  I’ve spoken with probably three or four customers within the past few months who were not checking their backups, making sure their anti-virus stuff was up to date.  In two cases, they got bit.

One client had a Raid configuration.  That was all they knew.  But it was in fact a Raid 5 (so one of the drives could go bad without a problem).  What they didn’t realize was the one of the drives had gone bad months earlier.  Which means the Raid was usless when the second drive went bad.

Another client had a UPS battery backup.  However, they hadn’t tested it in some time (polite talk for “never”).

Power went out.  Guess what?  (if a shark bites you in the dark, do you hear a “chomp?”)

So, every time you think to yourself “you’re covered” just because you put the technology out there, think about testing and checking it to make sure it actually still works.

Does anybody else hear John Williams music in the background?