Ok, so we’re doing a blog.  Yup.

And it’s about IT.  Yup.

But it’s also about Business.  Uh-huh.

Oh, great.  How long before we bring in the word “paradigm” or prefix words with the letter “e?”  (Does anyone else notice that we’re not as crazy about the e-prefix as we used to be?)

Not so fast.  It’s all about business, with the technology partnering with the business process.  This is northeast Ohio, after all.  We take a couple years to buy into some of the various processes that are more common elsewhere.  Is this a good thing?  I dunno, honestly.  When I’m trying to determine what levels of technology I should become more proficeint at, I honestly look at the want ads for Chicago.  They’re usually a couple of years ahead of us, and a pretty good bet.

But we don’t integrate the technology into the business as tightly as the commercials and the magazines would have us believe.  Just consider the communications layer.  We’re only finally starting to integrate communications to the point where we can single source the fact that someone has connected with us (how?  Fax?  Cell phone?  Land Line, Text message, email, instant message?).  Let alone categorizing that communication so that it can be easily retrieved.

Take emails, for example.  I can pull up within a relatively reasonable time any email I’ve received for about the last 8 years, even though I’ve worked at a couple of companies (as well as my own) during that time.  It’s a conscious effort on my part, but not a huge amount of work.

More and more products are becomming available that work on that across communication boundaries.  And that work fairly seamlessly (or at least more so than before).  Microsoft’s Exchange 2007 comes to mind.