(But you’d better hurry… )

Bob here. If you’ve been in IT for any time, you know that when Microsoft puts out a new product update, they usually back them up with “Launch Event,” big deal dog and pony shows that include a lot of value on the topic, several hundred people, and some great giveaways (like free software!).

Well, Microsoft is, it turns out having a “Launch Event” in Cleveland on June 3rd. But it’s pretty small, and certain to fill up immediately. It’s actually held at Microsoft’s Office in Independence, which means it’s going to be limited to probably 75 or so people tops.

It’s actually two ½ day sessions. One deals with developers, the other IT Pros (both focused on Office 2010, of course). And, also of course, the events are free.

Also, I’m pretty sure there will be no free software, unlike other launch events. So if you’re looking for the freebies, this might not be for you.

But click here if you want to learn more about Office 2010!

It hasn’t been publicly pushed out yet, so register sooner rather than later.

But if you’re truly interested in the product, register now!