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Steve here, I decided to setup a couple of servers here at Simplex World HQ with the new Microsoft Server 2012 OS. It comes available as both a Core Edition (no GUI) as well as the standard platform we’re used to, I setup both. A nice feature of 2012 is that you can use the Standard edition to easily remote manage other servers. You can do things like add/remove roles, join a domain, use in-depth management tools, and other misc. tasks. There are still things however that need to be done the old fashion way, such as setting a static IP.

The standard edition was somewhat familiar and simple enough to figure out:

While the core version is slightly less visually appealing and has less buttons to press -_-

Yes, that’s all there is. I needed to set a static IP address on my “core” edition and was used to doing so though the control panel…well there isn’t one. I did some research and found the commands I needed to do so through the command prompt:

#netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces
-Make note of the number shown in the Idx column of the output for your network adapter

For me, I wanted to configure my Intel card so I used Idx 17. From here we just needed to issue a few more commands and input the values I wanted:

     -netsh interface ipv4 set address name=”<ID>” source=static address=<StaticIP> mask=<SubnetMask> gateway=<DefaultGateway>

If you need to specify static DNS servers, there is a command for that as well:

     -netsh interface ipv4 add dnsserver name=”<ID>” address=<DNSIP>index=1


-ID is the number we used to identify our network card
-DNSIP is the IP address of the DNS server
-Index should be incremented each time if you have more than one DNS server you want to use and the order you want them in.

That’s it! The process is fairly simple if you know the right commands. I’ll continue to post things about Server 2012 as I run into issues.

Steve here,

I recently ran across a blog post by Microsoft outlining the new improvements to windows explorer inside Windows 8 scheduled to come out this time next year. Looks like Microsoft gathered lots of data over the past few years on which functions and buttons are used most often by users and incorporated that information to come up with the new version. Below is a chart showing the functions that were used by most users:

That taken into consideration Microsoft released a few screen shots of the improved ribbon, notice all of the functions outlined:

The rest of the explorer window looks pretty similar to that in Windows 7…also Microsoft has been implementing this style into their Office 365 SharePoint site and other apps so it shouldn’t take much adjustment.

One of the benefits of this improved ribbon will make it much easier to manage and organize files quickly and take less steps to do so. One of my personal favorite features (and true for many IT people) is the ability to launch a command prompt with administrative privileges from the File menu:

Overall I am enjoying the way Windows 8 is developing and look forward to more features as development progresses. It is nice to see Microsoft taking additional steps in their development to cater to consumer concerns and needs. I will keep you updated as more unfolds!

So you just went out and bought yourself a fancy new droid eh? Now you would like to receive e-mail, update your calendar, and check contacts from your workplace. Thankfully for you, Simplex-IT is here to help you through the process.

First, click “Settings” from your homescreen.

Steve's Sweet Droid

From here, you will want to click on the “Accounts” button.

Next, on the Accounts screen you will want to click add. The type of account we want to add is called “Corporate Sync” if you did things correctly your screen should look something similar to this:

Go ahead and key in your workplace e-mail and password and leave the domain field blank. More than likely the phone will tell you it could not auto-detect your settings and would like you to key in the settings manually. Please key in your entire e-mail address into the Username field and update the rest of the information accordingly. The only thing that will be the same should be the “Server.”

Once you have completed those steps, go ahead and hit ok. The phone will verify you have entered everything in correctly and begin downloading your workplace information. That’s it, you are now setup to use BPOS on your droid.


  1. To add an Exchange account to your iOS device, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, CalendarsAdd AccountMicrosoft Exchange.
  2. On the next screen, enter your complete email address, domain, username, password, and a description. Ask Simplex-IT if you are unsure of the domain. If you are unable to view your folder list, or are unable to send or receive email, leave the domain field blank.Exchange settings
  3. Your iOS device will now try to locate your Exchange Server using Microsoft’s Autodiscovery service. If it cannot locate the server, you will see the screen below. Enter your front-end Exchange Server’s complete address in the Server field. Contact Simplex-IT if you are unsure of the address.
    Exchange settings
    Your iOS device will try to create a secure (SSL) connection to your Exchange Server. If it cannot do this, it will try a non-SSL connection. To override the SSL setting, go into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select your Exchange account, tap Account Info, then toggle the Use SSL slider.

    After successfully making a connection to the Exchange Server, you may be prompted to change your device passcode to match whatever policies may have been set on your server.

  4. Choose which type or types of data you would like to synchronize: Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Note that by default, only three days’ worth of email is synchronized. To synchronize more, go into Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select your Exchange account, and tap on Mail days to sync.Note that after configuring an Exchange ActiveSync account, all existing contact and calendar information on the iOS device is overwritten. Additionally, iTunes no longer syncs contacts and calendars with your desktop computer. You can still sync your iOS device wirelessly with MobileMe services.

    Exchange settings

Okay so you’ve gone and got your computer infected…it’s not very happy…things are running slow, stuff won’t open, nothing is working and causing you stress. I have a few simple steps you can take to check your computer for potential threats and clean them out!

First, boot up your computer in “Safe Mode with Networking” by tapping the F8 key when you first turn your computer on before windows starts up. This makes sure no other programs are running in the background and makes the cleaning of adware/spyware much easier. If you can’t get into safe mode, all these programs can be run normally in windows as well.

I have provided a few of my favorite tools I like to use with download links:

1.) Malwarebytes;1

     -Download and Install with default settings
     – When finished installing.. it will ask you to update now and run the program, do just that
     -Start with either the quick scan or the full system scan and let it run


-When it is finished simply click “remove selected”

2.) The second program I like to use in conjunction with Malwarebytes is called Hitman Pro

x86 (;1)

x64 (;2)

While Malwarebytes is a free tool, Hitman Pro does require a license, but offers a 30 day trial, and usually 30 days is plenty of time if we just want to use it to get rid of a virus.

*Hitman Pro also requires an active internet connection to work since it is a cloud based scanning solution.

-Once download, simply install and hit “Next” to start the scanning process.

When the scan is complete simply hit next again to remove whatever has been found, your computer may require a restart after the scan to finish the removal process.

The combination of these two tools has helped me on almost every virus removal i’ve done, remember however that these tools are meant to clean your computer of spyware/adware, not prevent them from coming back. Make sure your anti virus is up to date and be cautious when clicking links and ads from the internet and you should be fine from here on out! SAFE BROWSING!


My name is Stephen J. Skunta, 22, from Richfield, OH and I am the newest member of the Simplex-IT Team. I graduated from Revere High school as well as the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center in 2006 where I earned my Diploma, A+ Certification, Network+ Certification, and CCNA Training Certificate. I was able to receive numerous regional, state, and national awards in Network Design, Database Applications, and Hardware Troubleshooting through the Business Professionals of America and received 1st place at a Cisco Competition held at the University of Akron.

I am currently attending the University of Akron part-time driving towards a BS in Management of Informational Systems. I have been working in the IT Industry now for about 3 years but have been living on my computer since I was 10! (Nerdy I know) Outside of work I am a huge gamer, but believe it or not I do actually go outside to ride motocross, go camping, and to hang out with real friends. I have a lot of enthusiasm for anything IT and I look forward to growing and working with Simplex-IT!