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Crotchety Olde Geek #6: Why mobile apps are free; you’re probably no more careful with your data than Target is:

Wait up, #Google! Now thanks to #Atlas, #Facebook advertisers can follow you everywhere, too. Oh, goody!:

Adorable robot cheerleaders have a ball. Until their eyes are replaced with lasers and they turn on us:

Free Webinar from Simplex-IT! Managing Your Email in Outlook 2013:

Make your cloud safer: How to enable two-factor authentication for the most popular cloud services:

Ok, so a tiny robot learns to fly a real plane. But can it do it to a Kenny Loggins soundtrack?

First chapter of Groups in #Office365:

Simplex-IT’s Sept Lunchinar: Servers in the Cloud – Buying Service vs. Buying Boxes now online:

Threat from within: Disgruntled employees are increasingly e-sabotaging businesses, FBI says:

Best Practices for Windows #Server2003 End-of-Support Migration: Part 3:

Is it *really* such a bad idea to use a password twice?

Office Lens: Free #WindowsPhone App Lets You Capture Notes, Paper Documents, save them in #OneNote:

Home, yes…Kansas, no: #Microsoft Introduces the New #Office365 Home Page:

New Record!! Home Depot breach totals: 56 million credit cards exposed, $62 million in losses:

Microsoft Dumping ‘Office on Demand’ for #Office365 . Is #Azure Remote App coming soon?:

Free Simplex-IT Lunchinar: “When Do You Know Your IT is Obsolete?”

The Art of #SQL Performance Tuning:

#Microsoft To Unveil #Windows9 ‘Technical Preview’ 30 September:

#Apple adds two-step verification for #iCloud (sorta), effective immediately:

#Office365 news round-up:

Best Practices for Windows Server 2003 End-of-Support Migration: Part 2:

Thar’s Gold in them thar old servers! Man buys old servers, accuses Ernst & Young of data breach:

Jeff Buskirk, Simplex-IT tech, featured in National College’s news:

I run Windows…just…Windows: Report: Microsoft Dumping ‘Windows Phone’ and ‘Nokia’ Branding:

Microsoft Boosts OneDrive with 10GB File Uploads, Folder Link Sharing:

Brandon King returns to Simplex-IT after a 3 month hiatus as a Google apprentice:

Seriously, Tim Cook says #Apple *does* care about #iCloud Security. But is that enough? [POLL]:

This is your brain. This is your brain on social media. Any questions?:

How far would your sysadmins go to fix a problem? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]:

Best Practices for Windows Server 2003 End-of-Support Migration: 

Grasp the Business Value of a Complete SQL Server Health Check:

Free deployment of #Office365 by #Microsoft for new customers with over 150 seats:

#Microsoft is finally beating itself!! Yea!! Windows 8 Use Overtakes #XP Worldwide:

Free training, Windows 9, lunchinars, webinars and ice water.  Simplex-IT’s September eNewsletter is now online:

Faster Cat videos!! Google Ratchets Up Quantum Computing Efforts:

Game of drones: Google readies Project Wing against Amazon’s Prime Air:

This is the tenth webinar on Office 2013 from Simplex-IT’s Michele Bobola.  This one’s talking about the charting program Visio 2013, and it’s online.

Microsoft  Outlook is the most widely used email client in the business world. Yet surprisingly there are a host of features designed to enhance your productivity of which many people are unaware. We hope to change that with this webinar!

Are you overwhelmed with the emails in your Inbox? We can help! In this free, streaming Webinar Simplex-IT’s Michele Bobola will show you how to:

  • Use the Quick Steps function to perform multiple actions with one click

  • Create and Edit Rules to manage emails

  • Use the Filter Email feature to weed out all the unnecessary stuff when you need to focus onsomething in particular

  • Use the many Views available in Outlook to your advantage – Conversations, Groups and Message Previews

You will also learn how to:

  • Share your email folders with others

  • Work with the many panes – Reading, People, Folder and To Do Bar

  • Use the Advanced Find and Search feature

  • Color-code emails with the Conditional Formatting feature

  • Use Categories for added flexibility

  • Manage meeting invitations

During this rapid-fire 60-minute presentation, Michele will have you feeling as though you can leap over tall buildings with a single bound! Time permitting, she may even touch on the other powerful components of Outlook: the Calendar, Contacts,
Tasks, To-Do Lists and Notes!

Join Simplex-IT and Michele Bobola on Thursday, October 9, from 11:00am-12:00noon for this free Webinar. To register, go to, call 234.380.1277 or email On the morning of the event you will receive an email with details on how to log in with Microsoft Lync (it’s a free download!). We look forward to having you join us!

Do you work with a lot of organizational charts or flowcharts? Maybe you’re using the SmartArt diagrams or shape drawings to create them. But you find they’re not easy to fix when changes are necessary and you struggle trying to add new shapes to the diagram.

If this sounds like you, then check out this complimentary Visio 2013 webinar from Simplex-IT.Maybe you have already been using the program and want to learn some easy tips or you don’t have a clue what it does and would like to learn more.

In this live, streaming webinar, I will show you some quick tips on working with shapes, working with stencils and creating your own, as well as how you can create quick and efficient flowcharts and organizational charts. We’ll review quick formatting techniques using the new 2013 formatting features, as well as some quick formatting of lines and shapes that works in all versions of Visio. We’ll also use the new Change Shape gallery to change existing shapes and take a quick look at the new diagram templates.

When: Thursday, September 11 from 11:00am-12:00pm noon.
Where: Streaming Live Online

We hope you can participate in this one hour webinar. RSVP now and block out the time on your calendar.

To reserve your spot go to, email or call 234.380.1277.

Everyone who RSVPs will receive an email the morning of the webinar with instructions on how to log in to our webcast using Microsoft Lync (you do NOT have to have Lync installed on your computer!). So watch your Inbox! Questions? Feel free to contact us by email at or call 234.380.1277.

Don’t miss this informational, free webinar brought to you by Simplex-IT – your Virtual CIO – bringing Vision, Confidence and Strategy to your Business IT!

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15 minute webinar: Busting myths about #Office365 and your small business:

Kim Kardashian Mobile Video Game making $. Suddenly cat videos look like a good use of the internet:

One hoax press release, one $300 million hole in mining company:

Finally! A Motorcycle Helmet to make Iron Man Jealous:

Wanna go get a #WindowsRT tablet? Ah…no you don’t. Not until you read this:

Simplex-IT Announces New “Two-hour Targeted Training” Sessions for Office 2013:

I was annoyed when MS marketed #Surface tablets through just dancing. Now this (safe for work, not sanity):

Still using Windows XP? You’re not alone (neither were other passengers on the Titanic):

Elop on Layoffs: #Microsoft’s Focus Is on Windows Phone:

Wanna migrate to #Office365 but leery of the migration cost (and you have >150 seats)? Wait a couple of months:

Apple and Google told to stop misleading consumers about ‘free’ apps:

Sophos: It’s all about trust! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]:

Simplex-IT’s 7th Annual Community Appreciation Picnic is Coming! And You’re Invited!

Want to burn a password into your brain (in a good way)?:

The more I read from this guy the more I like him. #Microsoft CEO Nadella to employees: ‘Bold ambition and our core’

Don’t miss our free webinar tomorrow “Charting with #Excel 2013:”

Google’s Android security chief: “Don’t bother with anti-virus.” Quit locking our cars while we’re at it?:

Largest collection of FREE #Microsoft eBooks:

Is #Microsoft getting into the wearable market 4th quarter? The tech isn’t interesting, but the platforms are:

Free Webinar from Simplex-IT Wednesday: “All about #Excel Charts”:


First notes on Microsoft’s Windows 9 or “#Threshold”:


MS announces price hike for #Office365…sorta…for some. Clear as mud:

Simplex-IT Announces 2nd Half 2014 Webinar Schedule:


Some hints on Document collaboration using #Office365:

“Enhancing PowerPoint 2013 Presentations” webinar now online:



Excel 2013Do you work with a lot of charts? Do you need to make them look more interesting and use them in PowerPoint presentations? In this webcast – we will look at how to create charts in Excel using the new 2013 features. Some of the features in 2010 have moved or disappeared and you may need to find where they went.

We will look at formatting using the ribbons to add labels, titles, adjust the scale, add graphics inside the columns/bars, as well as working with pie charts and mixing chart styles in one chart. Also, did you know you could save a chart style as a template and use it again later – even in PowerPoint. You can animate charts in PowerPoint – even charts that you copy and paste from Excel. We will show the Sparkline feature, which creates a mini chart in a cell.

Join MS Trainer Michele Bobola for our 8th monthly free webinar. All you need to participate is an internet connection and some speakers for your computer.

When:  Thursday, July 10th.  11am-noon (Eastern)

Where:  Online (register, and we’ll send you the link)

Hope you can participate in this one hour Free webinar brought to you by Simplex-IT!

Note: People who register for our webinars will automatically be signed up for our monthly eNewsletter (so you can learn about these events). You can, of course, opt out of receiving the eNewsletter, but we will cry a bit.

Click here to register!

Office 365 is well known as Microsoft’s offering for cloud-based email, but there’s a lot more under the hood than you may realize. Bob Coppedge explains how organizations are using Office 365 for enhanced collaboration, video conferencing, mobile file access and so much more! Recorded at Simplex-IT’s June Lunchinar.

Learn about Microsoft Office Word 2013, focusing on using Tables and Mail Merge.  This is the 6th in our monthly series of free live webinars.  From Simplex-IT, Hudson Ohio.  Visit for information on how to join these live free webinars.

It’s easy to create a boring presentation, and it’s easy to create a presentation that looks…well, weird.

In this webcast, you will learn how to enhance your presentations by learning to work with the slide master for one or more template designs, format and remove background images for slides. Learn to create charts or copy charts from Excel into PowerPoint and create a photo album. Also learn how to insert and trim video. Turn bullets into SmartArt and add hyperlinks. Create sections and custom shows – larger presentation into smaller ones. Work with the Animation Painter and Animation Pane.

Join MS Trainer Michele Bobola for our 6th monthly free webinar!  All you need to participate is an internet connection and some speakers for your computer.

This online event will be held on Thursday, June 11th from 11am-noon (eastern).  This event is free and open to the public!

Note:  People who register for our webinars will automatically be signed up for our monthly eNewsletter (so you can learn about these events!).

Click here to RSVP.

If you don’t follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, you missed all of these items we thought were interesting.

Ok, you didn’t exactly miss all of these items (after all, we’re listing them here).  But you had to wait an entire month.  Wow.

Bits Blog: Police, Pedestrians and the Social Ballet of Merging: The Real Challenges for Self-Driving Cars:

Google, Europe told you to remove my wicked past…A Legal Right to Be Forgotten? It’s Easier Ruled Then Done:

Why did #Microsoft buy #Skype? How about Real-Time Translation during a call:

The Garage Series for Office 365: Achieving the ‘impossible’ to extend SharePoint using the new app model:

Oh, goody. iPads and iPhones are vulnerable to Ransomware too:

5 tips to make your Facebook account safer [UPDATED]:

Google’s vision: ads on cars, refrigerators, watches, thermostats, and yes, glasses. Anyone surprised?:

The Apple-ization of Microsoft’s New Surface Pro 3:

New take on Smart Fashion: My T-Shirt Told Me to Take a Chill Pill:

Microsoft’s 15 minute Office webinar next Tuesday: 5 steps to a better PowerPoint:

10 reasons businesses need a strategy for the Internet of Things now:

The Garage Series for #Office365: Under the Hood with Information Security and Compliance:

eBay’s turn to confess having suffered a password breach:

Another excuse not to work out: Fitness apps are a “privacy nightmare”, shedding personal data to the world:

Some chest beating (somewhat deserved) from Microsoft about #Office365 progress:

Yup, ransomware for your #Android. “police warning” ransomware – how to avoid it, and what to do if you get caught:

Finally! #Lync App Arrives for Android Tablets. #Office365

Google opens up Glass to the US masses for $1,500 a pair…Oh, goody…or not?

The Garage Series for #Office365: Updates for admins and first look at upcoming shared computer support:

Simplex-IT’s Bob Coppedge quoted in CRN article about Sophos Phasing Out UTM Appliances For New Platform

Ransomware. It’s not just for unprotected PC’s. Android’s can share the love, too.

Microsoft is serious about expanding #Lync functionality for #Android Devices #Office365:

Is Apple finally getting real about security? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO] from #Sophos:

#Microsoft cybersecurity report: 70% decline in severe security vulnerabilities, but it’s not all good news:

“Office for Android Beats Google Drive Hands Down” – and It’s Free!

Device Security: “The Internet of (unsecure) Things”

The unsung hero of #Office365: Microsoft #Lync: 10 Ways To Do More

Tech support scammers replacing Nigerian Princes:

The Garage Series for #Office365: Enhancing online file sharing and storage with OneDrive for Business