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Our last regular Lunchinar talked about Windows 10 and how to prepare for it.  If you’re waxing nostalgic, here’s the online version:


Simplex-IT welcomes Microsoft (with Windows 10), the City of Hudson (with more fiber!) and the Malted Meeple (now with more…um…Meeple).

Ok, hopefully you’ve heard about our 8th annual picnic this month (Wednesday August 19th from 4:30-8pm).

(click here to RSVP)

And you know that we always put out some good food, play some strange games and show off some new technology.

This year we’re taking it a step further.  This year you can talk with:

Folks from the Microsoft Store in Beachwood will be joining us with a number of Windows devices (can you say xBox?) to show how the stuff all connects together.  Not dog and pony show, but you’ll get a chance to play with it yourself.

We’ll also be joined by the City of Hudson (not the whole city, not enough room) who will be on hand to talk about the new high-speed fiber initiative (which Simplex-IT has a role, no surprise I’m sure).  If you’re a business owner in Hudson (especially downtown) you’ll want this informal chance to ask questions.

Finally we’re outsourcing our games.  Our neighbors from down the street (The Malted Meeple) will be on hand with some quick games for those so inclined.

Let me stress:

  • No sales pitches
  • No strong arm tactics
  • You don’t have to play if you don’t want to
  • We won’t kick you out if you have an Apple tattoo.

We usually have about 60 or so people attending.  With the additional activities, here’s hoping we attract a lot more!

Invite your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, kids and that one guy who works down the hall from you.  He’s bored.

Of course this is free, like everything else we do here at Simplex-IT.

Windows 10.  Let the hoopla begin.  July 29th is the release date.  Obviously Microsoft was looking for just the right way to celebrate “National Lasagna Day.”

And the upgrade will be free!  Well, free to a lot of people.  Windows 7, 8.1?  Yup.  Well, except for Enterprise users.  Unless you have Software Assurance.

And of course you need to Reserve your upgrade.

Does that include Windows Phone?  Well, of course.  If the phone OEM isn’t blocking it.  And depending on your carrier.

Are you the IT guy for your company?  It’d be kind of funny if you came in the next day to a lot of workstations upgrading to Windows 10.  Well, funny to us, anyway.

Join us for the last regularly scheduled Lunchinar for Simplex-IT.  Help us say goodbye to an era of bad jokes, ok pizza, decent giveaways and bad PowerPoint slides.

We’re not going to talk about Windows 10 (we’ve already had 2 lunchinars on that).  We’re going to talk about the process of getting Windows 10.

  • When:  Wednesday, July 15th
  • Time:  11:30-1pm (Eastern)
  • Where:  Courtyard by Marriott in Stow (or online)

Click here for more information and to RSVP


Microsoft has been pretty busy over the past few months with Windows 10. A major new version was released for preview, including their version of Apple Siri (“Cortana,” from the xBox Halo).

But less fanfare has been generated for some of the decisions behind the scenes, including rather liberal upgrade paths from previous versions of Windows (including Windows phone). Also how Microsoft is going to handle software updates to Windows 10 once it’s released.

And let’s not forget about Microsoft Office. Apparently it’s also going to be released in the same timeframe (no surprise there). Also apparently it’s going to be called “Office 2016,” in spite of my ongoing belief will be getting rid of the version number sooner rather than later.

So at our next luncheon are were going to review all of these changes that Microsoft is going to be implementing over the next 9 to 12 months. We’ll also take a look (a high-altitude one) at some of the other changes that Microsoft is rolling out, including significant changes to Microsoft’s Azure(cloud-based server and infrastructure), and Microsoft rebranding of their Lync product into Microsoft Skype for Business.

As always our lunchinars are free and open to the public.  We’ll be giving away a copy of Windows 8.1 and Office Professional 2013 (courtesy of Microsoft).

When:  Wednesday, March 18, 2015 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (Eastern)

Where:  Stow Hampton Inn (or online from noon to 1pm)

Click here to RSVP!

Can’t wait for our Lunchinar to see Windows 10?

We don’t blame you.  Bob will be presenting Windows 10 at the next meeting of the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group (GCPCUG) on Saturday, November 8th.  The meeting is free, and is down at Cleveland State University.

Yup, we’ll have some raffle prizes (don’t we always?)

For more details, click here!

In late September Microsoft announced the Technical Preview of its latest operating system, Windows 10. As usual, Simplex-IT was first in line to obtain our copy and we’ve been putting it through its paces on our test bench since then. We think you’re going to be impressed with what we have to report.

The emphasis in this release is on Enterprise users. Responding to feedback, Microsoft has taken great pains to integrate the best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8 and early indications are they have succeeded. In addition, Windows 10 has been designed from the ground up to run across a broad array of form factors – desktops, laptops, tablets, phablets and smartphones. According to Microsoft, “There will be one way to write a universal application, one store, one way for apps to be discovered, purchased and updated across all of these devices.”

And there’s more. You’ll even learn the question everyone has been asking – Whatever happened to Windows 9!?

So be the first in your neighborhood to get a peek at the new Windows 10. Join Simplex-IT for our free November Lunchinar.

Where: Stow Hampton Inn, 4331 Lakepointe Corporate Dr. off Route 8 at Steels Corners Rd.
When: Wednesday, November 19, 2014 from 11:30am-1:00pm

We remind you, though, seating is limited. To reserve yours go to, email, or call 234.380.1277.  Come join the fun!

Extra! Extra! Extra!

We will once again be webcasting this LIVE event using Microsoft Lync. It’s free and it’s easy. If you can’t make the Lunchinar in person but would like to listen in from the comfort and convenience of your office, contact us at the above numbers and we’ll send the details on how you can connect.

Bob here.  Spoiler alert:  Everything on Windows 10 so far has installed quickly and easily.

I know, I know…kinda wanted a train wreck myself.

So, here’s the scenario.  I’ve got an older Samsung 700T tablet.  4GB Ram, 80GB SSD hard drive.  I bought that tablet during Windows 8 Beta…excuse me, Pre-Release days.  In fact, here’s a quote from the article I wrote back in April 2012:

“We decided to begin our experience with a full-blown Windows 8 tablet device. We selected the Samsung 7000T-1 A. With its Intel dual core I5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of solid-state disk space, this puppy came loaded. Now the MSRP of this tablet is about $1500, so it’s not positioned to compete with any of the Apple products. What it does do, however, is give the full Windows experience.”

Here’s the thing.  I downloaded, created a bootable USB drive with Windows 10, installed Windows 10 on the tablet and configured Office 2013 (and my 365 configurations) on it.

After about an hour (mostly it doing its thing in the background), I had:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Office 2013
  • Wireless network connection
  • Office 365 configuration (including IE favorites, shared credentials)
  • Anchor (file synchronization)
  • Sophos AVG

All running, exactly as they should.  Since I was using Office 365, the tablet already had my favorites and history and the like.  And the tablet (remember it was a Windows 7 tablet originally)?  Works fine.  No special drivers needed, stylus, wireless, USB all work fine.

Can’t argue with the special tablet stand, right<g>?  Spare no expense here!

As to my Windows 10 experience so far?  It’s all about the Start Menu.

More on that next week.

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Microsoft finally made it official.  They like to play with our brains when they announce products.

Remember the Metro interface of Windows 8, which became “Windows UI” just before release?  Or Windows SkyDrive which became OneDrive earlier this year?

Well, they’re doing it again.  The next version of Windows, which coming after 8 and 8.1 was rumored to be called Windows 9.  The code name for it?  “Threshold.”

Well, today Microsoft announced that it will be known as Windows 10.  Why?  I got nothing.

But you can take a look starting today (1 October).  Because the Technical Preview (sounds better than Beta, right?  Yeah, I prefer Beta too) will be available to the public.

When will the full OS be released?  Most folks seem to think it’ll be before Microsoft’s end of year, which is June 30th.

What will be different?  Well check out the posts below for more specific information.  But there are two obvious goals that are out of the box.

First is to bring the traditional mouse/keyboard and touch interfaces together.  From the screen shots in the articles linked below it looks like they’ve accomplished that, bringing the Start menu back under the desktop screen.

The second is to create an environment that will scale in terms of the display, from small (think phone) to big (think wall unit).

Now, as you know, we here at Simplex-IT like to get an early start to this sort of thing.  We were one of the first companies in NorthEast Ohio to give public demonstrations of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2, Office 2013, Google Glass, Office 365…need we go on?

So we’re quick to announce that our Lunchinar on November 19th will be about Windows 10.  We think this one’s going to be popular, so reserve your seat now by clicking here!

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