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Project Management can be a bit intimidating… Scope Statements, Work Breakdown Structures, Risk Management, Resource Management. What’s it all for? And do you need it all? Well, it depends.

The beauty of Project Management is that it can be scaled to fit the needs of the organization and project. Not every component may be necessary, and that’s ok. A good Project Manager can access a project and the organizational requirements to determine the necessary pieces.

If you are just getting started with Project Management, or want to formalize your practices, there are a few things you’ll want to consider at a minimum. For example, most projects should have a defined Scope Statement. A Scope Statement basically contains the important elements of a projects. It could be thought of as a starting point or agreement between the person requesting the project, the people impacted by the project, and the project team completing the work. It’s a great place to get everything in writing in one place. Typically a Scope Statement would include an overview of the project, deliverables, constraints, assumptions, and acceptance criteria. If you’re thinking that’s too much and want to start off as simply as possible, another important element is the Project Schedule. A Project Schedule should be used in almost every project. It include the tasks required to complete the project, time estimates, tasks dependencies and sequencing, and resource assignments. This important document is more detailed than the Scope Statement, but absolutely necessary for tracking and managing the project progress. And this is where Microsoft Project and Project Online can really help.

Starting in January, we’ll discuss each of the documents that are typically found in Project Management practices. Some, you may find interesting and want to implement right away, while others may not be a good fit for your project and organization. And that’s ok. The key is to use what will bring value to the project and organization, and that varies for everyone.

2nd in our new monthly webinar series on Project Management, led by Patti Smerk, PMP.

An introduction/overview of Project Management for folks who are either new to Project Management or have been doing it for some time but without formal training.

This topic will cover a number of the concepts that Project Managers need to be aware of, and explaining why they may (or may not) be important to how you manage your projects.  Microsoft Project Online will be used for several examples.


  • Thursday, 18 December, from 2 – 2:30 pm (Eastern)
  • Online
  • Click here to RSVP

This is the second in our series of free monthly webinars offered by Simplex-IT, who recently introduced their Project Management Practice, Simplex-PM. Aimed at Project Managers in the Small to Medium Business world.  Simplex-PM offers mentoring, training and support for organizations and people struggling to implement Project Management into their organization.

Missed our first one?

Bob here.  Spoiler alert:  Everything on Windows 10 so far has installed quickly and easily.

I know, I know…kinda wanted a train wreck myself.

So, here’s the scenario.  I’ve got an older Samsung 700T tablet.  4GB Ram, 80GB SSD hard drive.  I bought that tablet during Windows 8 Beta…excuse me, Pre-Release days.  In fact, here’s a quote from the article I wrote back in April 2012:

“We decided to begin our experience with a full-blown Windows 8 tablet device. We selected the Samsung 7000T-1 A. With its Intel dual core I5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of solid-state disk space, this puppy came loaded. Now the MSRP of this tablet is about $1500, so it’s not positioned to compete with any of the Apple products. What it does do, however, is give the full Windows experience.”

Here’s the thing.  I downloaded, created a bootable USB drive with Windows 10, installed Windows 10 on the tablet and configured Office 2013 (and my 365 configurations) on it.

After about an hour (mostly it doing its thing in the background), I had:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Office 2013
  • Wireless network connection
  • Office 365 configuration (including IE favorites, shared credentials)
  • Anchor (file synchronization)
  • Sophos AVG

All running, exactly as they should.  Since I was using Office 365, the tablet already had my favorites and history and the like.  And the tablet (remember it was a Windows 7 tablet originally)?  Works fine.  No special drivers needed, stylus, wireless, USB all work fine.

Can’t argue with the special tablet stand, right<g>?  Spare no expense here!

As to my Windows 10 experience so far?  It’s all about the Start Menu.

More on that next week.

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This is the tenth webinar on Office 2013 from Simplex-IT’s Michele Bobola.  This one’s talking about the charting program Visio 2013, and it’s online.

Microsoft has announced it is launching a new home page experience in Office 365. Initially, it will be rolling out to current Exchange or SharePoint customers. You access the new home page from the web experience of Office 365, which you get to by signing into the Office 365 portal. Once you’re there, you just click the Office 365 logo at the top-left of the page. New customers will automatically land on the home page when they first sign into Office 365. It looks like this:

New Office 365 Home Page

The New Office 365 Home Page

In the future, new services will be introduced via the home page, so you should know how to access it.

To accommodate a variety of start preferences, you can determine your own default landing page when you sign in to Office 365 via They’ve made it super easy!

For the full story of the new Home Page, click here.

Ok, on first glance this looks like it’s no big deal, right? I can hear you saying “I can already take pictures with my Smart Phone.” Yes, but…

Office Lens doesn’t just take a picture. This new update gives you the ability to convert your pictures directly into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations – that are EDITABLE!

For Word, Office Lens recognizes the text and the document layout. All the text, formatting and layout in the Word document is preserved. Images of typed text become fully editable—just like you authored it at your desk.

For PowerPoint, all the handwritten lines and strokes are transformed into PowerPoint drawing objects that can be recolored, resized, repositioned and edited. That great infographic or sketch from one presentation can now be reused in other presentations.

This is truly impressive. But don’t just take my word for it. Watch this short video and watch the magic happen firsthand!

Very cool!

Despite the explosive growth of cloud services in recent years there remain those individuals and companies with deep skepticism around the safety and security of their data when it doesn’t’ reside in their own physical data center. With all the headlines about security breaches at Target, Home Depot and, yes, even the NSA, that mistrust is understandable. And when we talk to clients about cloud services like Microsoft’s Office 365, this is a prime concern that is frequently raised.

Trust is defined by Merriam-Webster as “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something” and interestingly it ranks as the 77th most searched term on their website (at least it did today when I looked it up!). So it’s no surprise that companies like Microsoft have a significant challenge when it comes to earning and keeping their clients’ trust. But a recent Office Blog goes a long way in showing the steps they take to accomplish exactly that goal.

To view the entire article go to What Does It Mean To Own Your Data In Office 365? How We Aim To Raise The Bar On Visibility And Control Of Your Organization Data With Office 365.

Alternately, you can simply view the five short embedded videos in the article that will explain:

How Microsoft protects your data at rest
Who has access to your data within Office 365
How Office 365 does continuous compliance
Why trust Office 365? and
What does it mean to own your data in Office 365?

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world. That fact remains. Stuff happens. But I think you’ll agree after viewing these clips that Microsoft has done its homework. And they continue to work hard to earn your trust. If you haven’t already, maybe it’s time to reconsider how Office 365 can benefit your organization.

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“Enhancing PowerPoint 2013 Presentations” webinar now online:



Excel 2013Do you work with a lot of charts? Do you need to make them look more interesting and use them in PowerPoint presentations? In this webcast – we will look at how to create charts in Excel using the new 2013 features. Some of the features in 2010 have moved or disappeared and you may need to find where they went.

We will look at formatting using the ribbons to add labels, titles, adjust the scale, add graphics inside the columns/bars, as well as working with pie charts and mixing chart styles in one chart. Also, did you know you could save a chart style as a template and use it again later – even in PowerPoint. You can animate charts in PowerPoint – even charts that you copy and paste from Excel. We will show the Sparkline feature, which creates a mini chart in a cell.

Join MS Trainer Michele Bobola for our 8th monthly free webinar. All you need to participate is an internet connection and some speakers for your computer.

When:  Thursday, July 10th.  11am-noon (Eastern)

Where:  Online (register, and we’ll send you the link)

Hope you can participate in this one hour Free webinar brought to you by Simplex-IT!

Note: People who register for our webinars will automatically be signed up for our monthly eNewsletter (so you can learn about these events). You can, of course, opt out of receiving the eNewsletter, but we will cry a bit.

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