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Simplex-IT’s July 2012 Lunchinar is now available for viewing on our YouTube channel. For your convenience, by clicking the thumbnail below you can view it directly in this blog entry.

This was an open panel discussion featuring our own Bob Coppedge, Heather Taylor from the Greater Akron Chamber and Mike Sheehan, Life Insurance professional and Social Media advocate.

Always a hot topic, “Social Media: What Now?” not only drew a large crowd (we almost exceeded the legal limit for our meeting room at Hattie’s Café) it also elicited strong participation from the attendees. Looking beyond the basics of should I or shouldn’t I be involved in Social Media the discussion assumed people and businesses in attendance were already involved, at least to some degree. The question instead was, quite simply, what do we do now?

Topics that were discussed including reviewing your Social Media goals, focusing on your prospect and not on you, finding the value in Social Media, measuring your results and lastly, the new Social Media options. These included Google+, Pinterest, FourSquare, and others.

During the presentation mention was made of a local group, Akron Bloggers Community that meets the last Thursday of the month from 9:30AM to 11:00AM at Mocha Joe’s in Stow. It’s an open group and anyone can attend. Check them out! You can access their LinkedIn page by clicking here.

Enjoy the presentation!

So you can’t physically make it to our next Lunchinar? No worries! Our next Lunchinar, “Social Media:Now What?”, is going to be streaming live online! We’ll be using Microsoft Lync to connect you to us live while the discussion and action is happening!

What do you need? Internet connection and computer speakers.

Cost? Free!

If you can’t come to Hattie’s Café (164 N. Main Street, Hudson) to interact with us, eat free food, and exchange great information, then being connected to us for free, is the next best thing.

When: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 from 11:30am-1:00pm

Where: Your computer or media device

If  interested in connecting with us for this exciting Social Media-what’s next lunchinar, email or call 234.380.1277 by July 17th. Come join the fun!

Ok, you’ve stuck your foot in the Social Media swimming pool to test the water – you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, maybe even Twitter. Now what? Is that too much? Not enough? What’s your next step? How do you decide?

At this month’s free Simplex-IT Lunchinar, Bob Coppedge is hosting a roundtable discussion that will examine the next steps, challenges and potential for Social Media as it relates to the Small to Medium Organization. Joining us will be local Social Media advocates and gurus Mike Sheehan and Heather Taylor. Together they will interact with Bob and the audience to discuss the latest trends and Social Media portals like Google+, Pinterest, FourSquare, etc. and debate the most effective strategies for your efforts. iI you want to explore how to get the greatest return on your Social Media investment, this is a Must Attend Event.

Simplex-IT’s monthly Lunchinars are always free, open to all and focused on sharing information. Join us!

Where: Hattie’s Café, 164 N. Main Street, Hudson
When: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 from 11:30am-1:00pm

As a bonus, we will be awarding door prizes of Windows 7 and Office 2010 to two lucky attendees. Free food AND free software – how awesome is that!

We remind you, though, seating is limited. To reserve yours, email or call 234.380.1277. Come join the fun!

Hello, Monica here. Surprise! Facebook has changed your primary email to their Facebook domain account email.  It looks something like Yes, you weren’t notified of this either.

Why should you care? Well, the Plain Dealer, Janet Cho, came up with the why you should care. Basically, if you are used to getting your Facebook interactions through your Yahoo or Gmail account, it’s been switched to a Facebook domain account email that you’re not checking. Also, your Facebook domain account email is public.

The good news is that my friend, Sage Lewis, from SageRock Digital Marketing, has a blog posting to help you fix this latest Facebook email dilemma. He has a couple of solutions to get you back on your blissful way of communicating photos and what-not on Facebook again. Have a great day!

Brandon here! So I recently did some digging to get Lync working on the phones of my fellow Simplex colleagues and I thought you all might be able to get something out of this!

So here’s the situation. You have your shiny new Android/iPhone/Windows smartphone and your workplace is using Office365 (or if your company has a dedicated Lync server). You want to be connected to your colleagues at all times but it can tend to be difficult. You can always check your email, but maybe you need something faster. If you are at your computer you can start up Microsoft Lync and get connected, but what about when you are out and about?

For those who aren’t familiar with Lync, it’s a business tool to keep you in contact with your coworkers by syncing your Outlook contacts. It is fully featured to allow instant messaging, screen-sharing, video conferencing, file sharing, and more!

Well, your workplace communication on-the-go problems have been resolved. Upon the release of Lync, Microsoft also released an app for Android, iPhone (and iPad), and Windows Phone.

I’m going to show you how to properly configure Lync to work on your mobile device. For starters, you’re going to need to download the app onto your phone from the proper app store. You can search for the app on your phone, or go to the proper link provided below in your web browser.

Once you have installed the app, let’s open it up and take a look!

Once you are in the app, you will be at the login screen. In order for Lync to work properly, you have to mess with some of the settings. Depending on your phone, you may have to select the drop-down menu to view more options and details, or open your menu button, then select options from there. After you are viewing the options, the rest is easy. You must make the settings as such:

Internal discovery address:

External discovery address:

After you have changed your settings to be this, you can go back into the main screen and login using your email address and password! Easy, right? From the app you can message, call, and look at information for all of your Lync contacts!

Make note that this is not as fully-featured as the computer version as it has been trimmed down to bare essentials for mobile use.

If you have any problems with the Lync 2010 mobile client there is a Microsoft Support article for the Android and iPhone/iPad operating systems.



As a 411 and service to our followers, we just learned a supposed Russian hacker has leaked 6.5 million users and passwords from LinkedIn. Of course, there are over 150 million users on LinkedIn. But now would be the wise time to change your LinkedIn Password.

To change your password:
Log into LinkedIn. Up at the top right, locate your name. Hover over your name. Click on Settings. In the left column will be “Password change”. Click on Password change. Follow the instructions to secure a new password.

Here are some of the sites reporting the leak:

CNet News

I just changed mine. What are you waiting for?

Here’s updated information from the LinkedIn blog and about password changes.

Bob here. It’s hard to believe that we’re now putting out our 50th eNewsletter, and to over 2000 folks. Simplex-IT started back in August 2007 (almost 5 years old, hard to believe). So we didn’t exactly put out an eNewsletter every month since our beginning, but darn close to it.

I do want to thank all the people that directly or indirectly helped put those 50 puppies out, including:

  • Cyndee Duhon
  • John Harrow
  • Julie Dvornicky
  • Kevin Dutkiewicz
  • Sam Hays
  • Steve Skunta
  • Doug Tombow
  • Monica Baird
  • Sara Dutkiewicz
  • Cary Hetzel

If you’re name isn’t on the list (like Logan…he knows what he did<g>), that probably means I’m not terribly fond of you<g>.

Want to take a look at the old stuff? Seriously, you have that kind of time on your hand? Ok, well just click here.

Simplex-IT was pleased to host Tim Dimoff, nationally recognized security expert and President of SACS Consulting (, who gave the 30+ attendees his views on what to look out for with Social Media in the workplace. Several real-world scenarios were presented and discussed, highlighting the importance of having and enforcing a clear written policy regarding employees’ use of Social Media.

Tim’s presentation was centered on the fact that while Social Media is the fastest growing segment of business e-marketing, unrestricted employee access to these tools has a great deal of negative potential. These include:

- Lost Productivity

- Corporate Security Breaches

- Potentially HIGH legal costs and much more!

The inevitable conclusion of Mr. Dimoff’s presentation was every business should be using social media and EVERY business must learn to regulate it. At Simplex-IT, we concur!

Founder and President of SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. Tim is considered one of the nation’s leading authorities in high-risk workplace and human resource issues, security, vulnerability assessments and crime (see for Mr. Dimoff’s full bio). Simplex-IT is pleased to announce that Tim will be our guest speaker at our next Lunchinar on the topic of Social Networks: Policies, Procedures and Pitfalls this coming Wednesday, September 21, 2011 from 11:30am-1:00pm at Hattie’s Café, 164 N. Main Street in Hudson.

The explosive growth of online social networks has altered the way people communicate, share ideas, and disseminate information, but with it comes certain risks. The lines between professional and private lives continue to blur, and while these communication tools create great opportunities, they also create ethical dilemmas and challenges for businesses.

Every company needs to examine the risks this new medium brings to their business and what they can do to protect their company, their employees and their customers. This presentation covers the fundamental elements needed to establish good decision making, policies and protocols to protect the business and mitigate the risks.

Join Simplex-IT and Tim Dimoff for a stimulating discussion of importance to every business while you enjoy a free lunch and great networking. Seats are limited so please RSVP to or call 234.380.1277. You won’t want to miss this highly informative presentation!

Kid waiting for gumBob here.  Y’know, here at Simplex-IT, we’ve had a pretty successful track record with our marketing. For those of you keeping track, you may recall that back in May we held a Live Meeting event where we described our strategies for marketing to over 50 other IT Managed Service Providers (from as far away as New Zealand and France). Since then, we’ve had several requests for copies of that meeting.

The only conclusion we can come to is that there are a lot of Managed Service Providers who need assistance getting their daily sleep.

Well, wait no longer! We have now posted the entire Live Meeting content into one long YouTube video. Yep, one hour and forty seven minutes of Bob talking endlessly about Simplex-IT and marketing.

Simplex-IT has long had a strategy of combining diverse methods as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, eNewsletters, lunchinars, postcards, telephone and would probably use smoke signals at one point or another. But we’re pretty careful about not wasting our efforts. So these tools work rather well together, without us having to rewrite marketing materials every time we want to use a different tool. And our costs are reasonably under control.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a sales pitch. Simplex-IT doesn’t sell any of the services Bob discusses. We’re just sharing our experiences with the hope that some folks find it useful.

Is it a smooth presentation? Heck, no! This is, after all, Bob we’re talking about.

But hopefully this will give you some idea as to how we use marketing successfully here at Simplex-IT.