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Recently, we had the pleasure of attending the Streetsboro Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Member Dinner.  We enjoyed great food, a nice atmosphere and talking and laughing with fellow Chamber members and friends.  Many people and businesses were recognized for their contributions throughout the year.  We felt honored to be one of four companies chosen as ’Outstanding Chamber Member’.   It has been fantastic working with the Streetsboro Chamber on their IT initiatives and we are pleased to be a resource for them!
We look forward to continuing our role within the community and being of help to businesses in order for everyone to thrive in the new year!

Business Continuity Seminar, November 3rd!
StorageCraft in partnership with Simplex-IT, an authorized StorageCraft reseller, will present “How to Maximize Business Continuity and Protect Your Critical Data.” StorageCraft will present topics to consider when creating a disaster recovery and data protection plan for your business. They will showcase the latest version of the award-winning ShadowProtect™ line of disk-based backup, disaster recovery and system migration solutions.

Join us at the Sheraton Hotel in Cuyahoga Falls.  The event will be held on Tuesday, November 3rd from 7:30a to 9:00a.  Call 234-380-1277 or email Julie at to RSVP. 

One of the most important things you can do for your company is to have a Business Continuity plan in place. Join us on November 3rd!

A survey by Symantec reports that on average, more than 90% of all email is spam.  This means that 1 out of every 1.1 emails is junk! IT consolidation is currently listed as the best way that a company can save money overall as well as the best technical investment for business growth.  Spam costs, on average, $874 per employee, per year. Facebook costs up to $4468 per employee, per year, based on usage of 1 hour per day. Fantasy football costs employers $545 per participant per season.These are real statistics!  If you want to save and budget money for the survival and success of your business, you have to know just where to look to find the leaks and plug them up.

Our most recent series of Lunchinars focused on business continuity and backup recovery.  Although it all seems like a big project to undertake, truly, the offerings of today allow you to easily protect your data and guarantee that things will continue to run as they should or be recoverable should disaster strike.

Even given the latest and greatest technological advances, it is amazing to see how little companies do to make sure that they can recover in the event of something debilitating. 

1,425 small and midsized businesses world-wide were recently surveyed regarding their IT security readiness and protection.  Here are the (somewhat concerning) results:

59% had no endpoint protection

47% had no desktop backup/recovery

42% had no dedicated IT staff

42% had no anti-spam solutions

35% had reported lost or stolen data devices

38% had no server backup/recovery

33% had no anti-virus protection

32% had security breaches due to out-of-date tools

25% had deliberate sabotage by employees

Having a solid backup system in house is absolutely imperative to business continuity.  From a sales perspective, there are many options out there and many vendors who provide them.  Simplex-IT has tested various vendors’ products and believes we have partnered with the best grouping of technology resources that is currently available.

Many companies prefer the tried and true way of physical (disk) back-up. Having the hardware and software onsite and being able to take the disk to a remote location offers a comfort zone that many of our clients utilize.  And, we are now able to offer both purchase and lease plans for this backup solution, making implementation more affordable and less of a capital expenditure.

One of the newest ways of backing up data is via the internet, or cloud storage.  This offers an effective solution that can be purchased via a monthly payment plan and is charged per device.  A few things you might want to consider when selecting an off-site data backup provider would be:

                How strong is the data encryption?   How easy is it for one to gain access to it?

                What is the response time for information restoration?

                Can the provider guarantee security at the backup site?

Your cloud storage provider should encrypt the data in such a way that only designated administrators can retrieve it.  The back-up site should be guarded and protected from every ‘direction’ and be timely in their return of information should disaster strike.

If your company hasn’t implemented any measures towards backup yet, be certain that you are looking at it from a ‘when we do’ perspective rather than an ‘if we do’.  Once your information is breached, there are a lot more cost factors and time involved in fixing a bad situation versus protecting against it in the first place.  And, it is a good idea to have a backup…for your backup.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any help as you gear towards business continuity by implementing a solid back up plan.

Julie here….Just wanted to give you the latest and greatest update on our Lunchinars.  The third Wednesday of every month, we welcome folks to join us for pizza and a topic du jour.  We learn…we converse…we have fun!  Our lunches are definitely growing in popularity!  One attendee remarked to me “I’m amazed at just how interested I am!”

March’s Lunchinar focused on ‘The Constant Contact Way of Email Marketing’.  To a full house, we reviewed marketing in general, and ways to manage in an economy where companies are constantly trying to do more with less.

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that has proven to be a valuable approach for Simplex-IT.  With just a hint of creativity, it allows us to instantly and effectively reach out to over 500 people with the click of the ‘send’ button.  It is a very cost conducive and extremely user-friendly venue and also includes a reporting feature that allows your company to track (among other things), who opens the newsletter, who forwards it on to others and who clicks on further links provided within your information.  Thus, you can customize the write-ups in your eNewsletter to appeal to the things in which your customers or potential customers seem to have interest.

You can view our eNewsletters via the link on the home page of our website.  Not on the list to receive ours?  Send me an email and I’ll add you!  You will enjoy the content…and be privy to upcoming Lunchinar topics.

Oh – and in case you are interested in subscribing to Constant Contact and the ability to create such marketing pieces for your own company, let me know!  We will both benefit from the referral via their incentive program.  They will give you a credit towards your online marketing campaign…just for signing up!

Happy spring!  Happy eNewsletter-ing!

Hi!  Julie here.  Another month is gone and we here at Simplex-IT continue to bring people together to talk about IT topics.  On February 18th, we hosted our second monthly Lunchinar.  This time, the focus was on IT security, and the information really proved to be an eye-opener to everyone in attendance. 

Things in computer-land aren’t as secure as they might seem to be and Bob ( provided a great overview and explanation.   We discussed authentication versus authorization, certificates and encryption, even social engineering and how it comes into play.  Once the scare tactics were done, we then discussed different methods that all of us can adopt to protect our valuable information and identities.

Did you know that you should NEVER give out personal information via a cell phone?  That even shredded documents, if they are not cross-cut, could be pieced back together?  That gaining access to your computer password is as easy as someone calling and pretending to be your network administrator? 

It’s as simple as this…we are sure to lock our car doors when we go into the store.  We check and double check purses or pockets for our wallets or valuables.  Some even put their toddlers on leashes.  Such protective measures MUST roll over into our information technology world in order to be certain that our data is protected and our identities remain true – to only us.

So what’s on the menu for our next Lunchinar (besides salad and pizza)?  I’ll give just one little hint….it’s all in what we do to market ourselves that matters!  This presentation is sure to give you a great idea for getting your business some visibility. It’s one of the latest and greatest marketing trends and we’ll show you how easy it can be!  Watch our newsletter for more information.  Aren’t receiving our newsletter?  Let me know and I’ll make sure that you do.