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On January 30, 2012, Research in Motion announced the general availability of free cloud services for using and managing BlackBerry devices with the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

A similar BlackBerry service for Office 365’s precursor, the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), originally cost users $10. But RIM made the service free for BPOS a year ago and committed to making an Office 365 version free, as well, when it shipped. It now looks like that is Mission Accomplished!

Key features of the new service include:

  • Wireless synchronization between a BlackBerry device and Microsoft Exchange
  • Self-service security access that allows employees to reset their passwords and remotely lock or wipe their devices in case of loss or theft
  • Web-based console for provisioning, managing and securing BlackBerry devices
  • BlackBerry Balance, a RIM technology that presents a unified view of work and personal content on a BlackBerry while keeping the content separate and secure

If you have been holding off on moving to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud services until they can fully accommodate BlackBerrys, now is the time to give Simplex-IT a call to get the ball moving. Your last excuse has just been removed!

Announcing great news for Blackberry users who wish to integrate with Microsoft’s BPOS Exchange Online service, the cost has been reduced to $0! That’s right. It’s not a misprint. To enable Blackberry Enterprise Server features with BPOS Exchange Online is now a freebie! For all you Blackberry lovers out there, this is indeed good news.

If you are currently a Blackberry/BES user on the BPOS platform Microsoft will be contacting you directly with information on how to cancel the existing paid service and sign up for the new free service.

If you have been contemplating a move to BPOS but have been holding off due to cost concerns relative to your Blackberry, this should make your decision much easier. Contact Simplex-IT and let us help you get set up. As a reminder, if you sign up before April 1, 2011 there could be some additional incentives for you.

For questions, or to get the ball rolling, contact us at 234.380.1277 or