I decided I’m going to try to increase my reading non-IT books.  And I figured the best way would be to share with folks a book each month (yeah, we’ll see how long this lasts).

I just finished Paris 1919:  Six Months That Changed the World by Margaret MacMillan.  Written back in 2003 it’s an extremely detailed review of the process after World War I that led to the Treaty of Versailles.  This treaty was blamed (the author would argue against) for setting the stage for World War II.  At the very least it most certainly created rather arbitrarily defined countries and borders, especially in the Middle East.

It’s an interesting read.  Especially at a time where it’s easy to read the news today and wonder (whether you’re left or right facing) “how could any politician do such stupid things?”  Read this book and you’ll get a feeling for a good amount of the silliness, pettiness, ignorance and more that drove this process.