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“At the beginning of the year, there were a lot of predictions on how 2011 would be the year of the cloud, and that it would be a tipping point for cloud adoption everywhere. These predictions have been largely confirmed.”

So reports Thoran Rodrigues on his TechRepublic blog article entitled “2011: The Year the Cloud Went Mainstream.” The article goes on to cite some of the growing pains the cloud encountered in 2011 and what the prospects are for 2012. Suffice it to say the future looks bright indeed.

Also featured is a link to an article in Harvard Business Review titled “What Every CEO Needs to Know About the Cloud.” Cited as “a very simple measure of how widespread cloud computing has become” it makes for very interesting reading, particularly if you’re contemplating how cloud services may benefit your company.

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Happy New Year!

BPOS Promotion

Extended now through May 31st, 2011 Microsoft is offering an incentive to new subscribers of their Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) that is quite compelling. If your organization has been considering moving to the cloud for Hosted Exchange email, SharePoint Online, Live Meeting or Office Communications, you definitely want to listen to this. Here’s how the promotion works:

For every seat for which a new BPOS client signs up Microsoft will issue a check payable to the Partner assisting in the implementation (that would be us) for a percentage of the first annual subscription fee, up to a total of $1,500! Wow!

DetailsThese Partner Subsidy funds, as they are called, can be used by the client to pay for any services they wish to obtain from Simplex-IT. Most often, they are directly applied to the costs of setup, configuration and migration of emails, contacts and calendar appointments from your previous service. In most cases, these Partner Subsidies will serve to bring your cost of moving to the BPOS solution down to zero (0!) in terms of setup and migration costs.

Microsoft is offering this promotion to encourage potential customers who may be waiting for the new Office 365 to stop waiting and make the jump to cloud services NOW! As Office 365 does become available later in 2011, current BPOS customers will be moved seamlessly to the new service. Automatically. At no additional costs!

Of course, you may have questions. Like how soon can I get started? That’s why Simplex-IT is here…don’t hesitate to call! Just dial 234.380.1277, or you can email John at Let’s take the first step to claiming your place in the cloud today!

There may not be a better time!!

(and yes, this is fairly lifted from the earlier blog post where we said you had to act before April 1st.  Then it was April 18th.  Now it’s May 31st.  But since Office 365 is slated for release in June, we think this one’s actually pretty solid<g>).