So you just went out and bought yourself a fancy new droid eh? Now you would like to receive e-mail, update your calendar, and check contacts from your workplace. Thankfully for you, Simplex-IT is here to help you through the process.

First, click “Settings” from your homescreen.

Steve's Sweet Droid

From here, you will want to click on the “Accounts” button.

Next, on the Accounts screen you will want to click add. The type of account we want to add is called “Corporate Sync” if you did things correctly your screen should look something similar to this:

Go ahead and key in your workplace e-mail and password and leave the domain field blank. More than likely the phone will tell you it could not auto-detect your settings and would like you to key in the settings manually. Please key in your entire e-mail address into the Username field and update the rest of the information accordingly. The only thing that will be the same should be the “Server.”

Once you have completed those steps, go ahead and hit ok. The phone will verify you have entered everything in correctly and begin downloading your workplace information. That’s it, you are now setup to use BPOS on your droid.