The Simplex-IT Lunchinar of November 2011 is now posted and available on our YouTube channel. You can view it at your convenience by clicking on the thumbnail below.

In this 1-hour live presentation, Bob Coppedge, President of Simplex-IT, takes a broad look at the risks, potential costs and solutions to the ever present threat of common to catastrophic data loss in your organization. Topics covered include:

  • VSS – Volume Shadow Services
  • VSS Schedules
  • User Benefits
  • Limitations of VSS
  • Data Recovery Metrics – Business Questions
  • Recovery Point Objective & Recovery Time Objective
  • Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity?
  • Cloud-Based Backup – Is It Secure?
  • Arriving at a Backup Budget

When it comes to protecting and preserving the data on which your organization relies, Hope is clearly not a good strategy to employ. A good place to start, however, would be viewing this presentation to obtain a better understanding of the issues involved.

An excellent second step would be contacting Simplex-IT – by email at or by phone at 234.380.1277 – and researching the options that are available to help you mitigate your risk. As always, there’s never a cost or obligation for those conversations.