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We’re very happy to announce that our April Lunchinar on Backups, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity is now posted online and ready for viewing. This video is a must watch for anyone who relies on their computer network to conduct business on a daily basis. Why? Because there’s a very good chance that what you think is a good backup plan falls short after considering the points highlighted in this 60-minute presentation. Don’t wait for a disaster – watch the video of this lunchinar and then call Simplex-IT to make sure you have a bullet-proof Disaster Recovery plan for your business!


What if this happened to you?

Here’s a quick question.How quickly could your company be back up and running in the event of a disastrous loss of your data or server? If you can’t answer with certainty you need to attend this highly informative, free Lunchinar hosted by Simplex-IT!

Let’s face it…failing to have a concrete contingency plan in the event of a catastrophe could be a death knell for your organization.  Let Simplex-IT’s Bob Coppedge show you how to build a complete, end-to-end Disaster Recovery Solution you can count on every time.

Enterprise-class Disaster Recovery technologies today cost far less than you think and without question much less than the lost data, productivity and revenue that can result from a disaster. During this presentation, Bob will reveal the latest tools that will allow you to sleep better at night, knowing your organization’s data is solidly protected and able to be recovered fast.

Simplex-IT’s popular monthly Lunchinars are always free, open to all and focused on sharing information. And, as a bonus, we will be awarding a door prize of Microsoft Office 2010 to one lucky attendee. Free food AND free software – how awesome is that? Join us!

Where:                                Hattie’s Café, 164 N. Main Street, Hudson
When:                  April 17, 2013, from 11:30am-1:00pm

Seating is limited! To reserve yours, call 234.380.1277 or email Come join the fun!

Extra! Extra! Extra!
We will once again be webcasting this LIVE event using Microsoft Lync. It’s free and it’s easy. If you can’t make the lunchinar in person but would like to listen in from the comfort and convenience of your office, contact us at the above numbers and we’ll send the details on how you can connect.



Just the headline of this post is enough to make you say “Ouch”! Or it should be. From a post I just ran across, it’s a story that is too familiar, yet bears repeating.

“May 28th, 2012 became a nightmare for Brigham Young University—a nightmare that will likely continue past Christmas into 2013 and beyond. On that fateful Memorial Day, a failed software upgrade on BYU’s primary server system effectively destroyed hundreds of terabytes of data—including payroll, research, and student data. Backup systems failed to recover most of the data.”

You can read all the gory details in the entire article HERE.

It’s not always a natural disaster that represents the greatest risk to your data and your business. In fact, natural disasters are just a small percentage of the potential threats that can bring your business to a dead halt. Are you willing to risk the consequences, when planning a good Backup and Disaster Recovery plan is so much easier and so much less expensive?

Sometimes it’s just this type of reminder that will get some people to start thinking about whether this could happen to them and their business. If that person is you, why not pick up the phone and give Simplex-IT a call. We’d welcome the opportunity to start a conversation. As it’s been said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In other words, the best time to prevent a disaster is before it happens.

We can help!

The Simplex-IT Lunchinar of November 2011 is now posted and available on our YouTube channel. You can view it at your convenience by clicking on the thumbnail below.

In this 1-hour live presentation, Bob Coppedge, President of Simplex-IT, takes a broad look at the risks, potential costs and solutions to the ever present threat of common to catastrophic data loss in your organization. Topics covered include:

  • VSS – Volume Shadow Services
  • VSS Schedules
  • User Benefits
  • Limitations of VSS
  • Data Recovery Metrics – Business Questions
  • Recovery Point Objective & Recovery Time Objective
  • Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity?
  • Cloud-Based Backup – Is It Secure?
  • Arriving at a Backup Budget

When it comes to protecting and preserving the data on which your organization relies, Hope is clearly not a good strategy to employ. A good place to start, however, would be viewing this presentation to obtain a better understanding of the issues involved.

An excellent second step would be contacting Simplex-IT – by email at or by phone at 234.380.1277 – and researching the options that are available to help you mitigate your risk. As always, there’s never a cost or obligation for those conversations.


How often does this happen? The CEO accidentally deletes an important file. Your office assistant mistakenly overwrites a document template that’s regularly relied on. A lightning strike leaves your main server a smoldering mass of metal and plastic. In each of these scenarios, how quickly and how well will you be able to recover?

Join Simplex-IT for our next free Lunchinar on Wednesday, November 16 from 11:30am-1:00pm at Hattie’s Café, 164 N. Main Street in Hudson, where we will:

  • Identify the types and risks of data loss
  • Discuss available solutions (some you may already own!)
  • Quantify the associated costs

It’s impossible to predict when disaster will strike. But you CAN be prepared! Whether you lose a single file or an entire hard drive, whether you are a solopreneur or a larger corporation, you will find this presentation to be of significant value in guarding against the threat of data loss to your operation.

Seating is limited so please RSVP by emailing John@Simplex‑ or by calling 234.380.1277.

Your business will thank you!