Bob here.  Mike Halsey is a Microsoft MVP, which are a set of initials that I don’t have after my name (okay, okay I’m jealous I admit it). Mike is the author of a new e-book which is free, entitled “Windows 7 Power Users Guide.” It contains over 170 pages of information and is not a bad piece of work.Cover imag you why you and that is e for "Windows 7 Power Users Guide"

To get the book, click here. To actually download the e-book you need to make sure you’re clicking on the right link. Unfortunately these days it’s not unusual for download links to be overpowered by links that look like you might be getting what you want, but are actually ads for other items. As you can see in the graphics accompanying this blog entry, the good link is almost hidden behind the other links.

I want to be clear. I’m not suggesting that the other links are malware, evil, or will take you to bad places. Not at all, I’m just saying it’s not what a majority of people are going to the site for.

Here's the actual link for the downloads
Good links
Other Links
“Other” links

Don’t let that take away from what Mike’s done. He’s written a decent book and made it available to everybody!

 Now, I’ve just got to get back to writing *my* book…”Procrastinators and their…” (still working on the title<g>).