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Hey folks, Brandon here. Recently, Bob posted about me bringing Google Glass to Simplex-IT.

Two weeks ago I was in New York picking up Google Glass after being accepted into the Glass Explorer program. Essentially, I am beta testing the product. Looking for bugs, showing it off, trying new things, and maybe doing some development.

Consistently the number 1 question I get asked is “What is that!?” So I wanted to make it a bit easier and just make a video and show you all!

Here is the first video about Glass. I’ll go over some basics at first, and maybe I can do some more in depth videos in the near future.

If you have any questions about the device, let us know. Maybe some things you would like to see or have answered. Feedback is encouraged!


Most people would react rather negatively to this revelation. I know I would! But in the modern world of email communications, depending on what company is providing your service you might be surprised to find it happens much more often than you think.

At the recent Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference the Office 365 team created a spoof video that highlights Google’s publicly admitted practice of doing just that. Regularly scanning the emails of their Gmail customers for keywords, Google then uses that information to display relevant advertisements. Apparently a lot of people are ok with that.

But if you’re an organization that places the confidentiality of your business correspondence as a high priority, this is just one more good reason for you to consider Microsoft’s Office 365. Safe, secure and private handling of your email comes as part of the standard package of features these services provide.

So kick back and enjoy a chuckle while you watch what happens when the Gmail Man is caught rifling through everyone’s emails! View the video here:,2817,2389379,00.asp