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Bob here. It’s hard to believe that we’re now putting out our 50th eNewsletter, and to over 2000 folks. Simplex-IT started back in August 2007 (almost 5 years old, hard to believe). So we didn’t exactly put out an eNewsletter every month since our beginning, but darn close to it.

I do want to thank all the people that directly or indirectly helped put those 50 puppies out, including:

  • Cyndee Duhon
  • John Harrow
  • Julie Dvornicky
  • Kevin Dutkiewicz
  • Sam Hays
  • Steve Skunta
  • Doug Tombow
  • Monica Baird
  • Sara Dutkiewicz
  • Cary Hetzel

If you’re name isn’t on the list (like Logan…he knows what he did<g>), that probably means I’m not terribly fond of you<g>.

Want to take a look at the old stuff? Seriously, you have that kind of time on your hand? Ok, well just click here.

Simplex-IT’s May 2012 Lunchinar is now online on our YouTube channel for your viewing enjoyment. Bob Coppedge and Kevin Dutkiewicz discuss the many and varied reasons your computer slows down. We received many positive comments from the attendees who stated they left the presentation with a much greater understanding of what to look for when troubleshooting their systems.

The presentation is split into 2 parts, each about 35 minutes in length. Click on the following thumbnails for Parts 1 and 2.

And here’s Part 2:

Sometimes you just don’t need words.