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Back in April I posted a blog article warning about the end of support for Windows XP coming up in April 2014. As the old saying goes, “a word to the wise should be sufficient.” Or so one would think.

Imagine my surprise then when I recently read the post by Tim Rains on the Microsoft Security Blog site titled “The Risk of Running Windows XP After Support Ends April 2014.” Tim reports that he has talked to some customers who won’t have completely migrated or, worse yet, “won’t migrate from Windows XP until the hardware it’s running on fails.”


To this I can only say it brings to mind another old saying, “penny wise and pound foolish!”

What’s at stake here is nothing less than the security of your organization’s network and the data it holds. Those businesses who are willing to roll the dice on upgrading their operating systems are basically saying they’re willing to risk their security rather than pay to bring their IT up to current standards. Remember, Windows XP is 10 years old! A lot has changed in 10 years.

The chart below was taken from the above article and shows the infection rate by operating system and service pack in the fourth quarter of 2012. Take a careful look. Imagine what this chart will look like after support for XP ends. Then imagine Dirty Harry asking, “Do you feel lucky?”

If the answer is no, may I suggest you contact Simplex-IT? We can help guide your decision and achieve the best bang for your buck.

4th Quarter security attacks by OS

Simplex-IT is excited to announce that effective immediately we are offering a new service, OpenDNS, to our clients. As part of our Platinum Simplex-IT Managed Services (SiMS) it will be included automatically at no increased cost. Other clients can elect to add it to their network at remarkably minimal expense on an annual subscription basis.

What is OpenDNS? OpenDNS is the world’s leading provider of Internet navigation and security. It makes your network safer, faster, smarter and more reliable – without the cost and complexity of traditional security services. And because it’s a cloud-based service all the updates and administration are automatically taken care of.

What does OpenDNS do? How does it work? You can learn all the details at, but here are a few specifics…

OpenDNS operates datacenters at the most strategically connected intersections of the Internet around the world. When a request for a webpage comes in from your network, it bypasses your ISP’s DNS server and routes your DNS queries automatically to the closest datacenter, making your Internet faster and more reliable than ever before.

OpenDNS also offers enhanced network security, adding additional protection for our clients from potentially crippling phishing, malware and botnet websites. It adds an extra layer of security against the latest threats, including viruses, worms and zero-day vulnerabilities. This was a major attraction to us!

If you are concerned about how much time your employees are spending on certain websites, OpenDNS can provide reports showing detailed charts and statistics about your overall Web traffic data. If you wish, you can then choose to filter access to over 50 categories of web content. You can even whitelist or blacklist individual sites.

Why is Simplex-IT making this additional service available to our clients? Very simply, we believe the extra security OpenDNS provides reduces the possibility that your network will be compromised and that we will be needed to respond to a network outage caused by a security breach, something that has been occurring with disturbingly increased frequency. In short, we believe OpenDNS will reduce the potential for downtime and the loss of revenue and data that can cause.

The addition of OpenDNS is completely seamless to you and can be implemented very quickly. If you notice anything at all, you may find you are connecting more quickly to websites than you have in the past. We believe it’s a great addition to any network, big or small. And when you compare the cost/benefit ratio, it’s really a no-brainer.

If you would like to know more about OpenDNS and how it would be a positive addition for your organization, contact us at 234.380.1277 or email me at Simplex-IT is committed to providing you with the best IT management and support and we are pleased to be able to make this new added-value feature, OpenDNS, available to you!