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What is Office 365?

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Office 365 is a subscription based service to the Office programs you know and love. It’s kept up to date automatically, so there’s no software for you to purchase and install. Your subscription gives you access from up to 5 devices, so you can work from your computer, tablet, smartphone, whatever you need.


Office applications
There are a couple different ways to use the Office products with Office 365. You have Office Web Apps, which are basically web based versions of the familiar Office products, as well as the full versions. Office Web Apps have a lot of the same functionality, although not all. And of course you will still have the full versions of the Office products available to install on your computer.


Office 365 keeps all your emails in sync across all your devices. It’s also easy to share calendars and view scheduling information for people within your organizations.


Instant Messaging
Office 365 comes with Skype for Business (Or Skype depending on the subscription you choose). You’ll have individual and group Instant Messaging capabilities, availability indicators, and calling information. Check out our webinar on Skype for Business for more information on these capabilities.


Video Conferencing
Skype for Business also offers individual or group video conferencing. It’s fully integrated with Outlook, so creating meetings with links to Skype calls can be done right from your Outlook client. And Skype for Business isn’t limited to people within your organization, you can also communicate with people outside your organization.


Share files and collaborate in real time from any device. Working on a presentation or document with a team? With Office 365 you can edit and track other edits easily in one shared file. Version control is easy because everything is in real time.


So which subscription do you need? That depends on if you need email, Office, or both. Below is a more detailed table of the subscriptions:





Interested in Office 365? Join us for August Office webinar where we’ll demonstrate some of the basic functionalities and discuss the various subscriptions available.


Simplex-IT Announces New
“Two-hour Targeted Training” Sessions for Office 2013

 Have you been frustrated with the traditional approaches to IT training your company has experienced? Typical complaints include:

  • All-day marathon sessions present too much information in one sitting
  • Too costly
  • Topics can be too basic, too complex or both!
  • Can’t be customized

 If these issues sound familiar, this could be the group training program that finally and affordably turbo-charges your office’s productivity!

Introducing Simplex-IT’s New Customizable
“Two-hour Targeted Training” Program for Office 2013

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose the individuals (limit 20) who will receive the training
  • Pick the application(s) from the Microsoft Office 2013 Suite – Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Visio, and Publisher – and the topic(s) on which you’d like to focus – for example, Mail Merge, Charts, Slide Animations, etc.
  • Have your attendees work with us to set the agenda – they get to choose what topics will comprise the focus of the training!
  • Topics chosen will be presented in a two-hour live, interactive webinar. No questions will be left unanswered!
  • Training is presented through the web. No time-wasting travel is required!


Training will be arranged to fit your schedule and presented by Simplex-IT’s veteran trainer, Michele Bobola. All that is required of the attendees is that they have a modern browser, internet access, speakers and a microphone.

 The cost for each two-hour session is just $200.

Bonus! Be one of the first three clients to sign up, receive a $50 Early Bird discount!

Need more information or want to schedule a session? Contact Simplex-IT at 234.380.1277 or email Remember, Knowledge is Power!

OK, so maybe you’re using an earlier version of Microsoft’s venerable suite of Office applications and thinking about upgrading (special note: Office 2003 reaches its official “End of Support” soon, in April 2014). And you’re wondering what new features the latest version of Office 2013 offers that will make your life easier and more productive. Or maybe you have the latest version of Office and you want to find an easy way to explore its new features. Either way, I think I have what you’re looking for.

One of my favorite websites, MakeUseOf ( regularly amazes me with postings of all kinds of helpful information. A recent one I discovered is their “Office 2013 Guide and Review,” a collection of new features that are being introduced in all the Office apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, SkyDrive, etc. Even if you already have Office 2013 on your computer, I’m willing to bet you can find some bits and pieces in this downloadable guide that you weren’t even aware existed!

Go to for a downloadable guide you can save for reference in the days and weeks ahead.

And if you haven’t yet been exposed to the newest Microsoft Windows operating system, there’s a really good “Getting Started Guide to Windows 8” that should help you out. Just go to


It’s no secret. Microsoft Office is so feature-packed, most users barely scratch the surface of its functionality. In this article by Susan Harkins on TechRepublic, you can see if you’re using Office apps to their full potential.

There’s a saying that 80 percent of users will use only 20 percent of an application’s features. This is probably true of most Office users because they don’t know the features exist. Once they see the features in action, they put them to use. Here are 10 features that are among the most underused but easy-to-implement features in the Office suite. Most applications share many of these features; those that are application-specific are noted.


In case you weren’t able to attend Simplex-IT’s March Lunchinar on Microsoft’s New Office 2013 and Office 365 offerings, all is not lost. The presentation is now available for viewing at your convenience on our YouTube channel. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the thumbnail below, click, kick your feet up and enjoy!

In this presentation Bob Coppedge guides you through the new and varied assortment of plans in which Microsoft’s New Office is being made available. Focusing on a new approach for the software giant are the subscription offerings which bring several advantages to the consumer – affordable pricing as low as $99.95/year, always updated software, generous cloud storage, and integration between devices, just to name a few.

Simplex-IT’s March Lunchinar introduces the New Microsoft Office – and its various flavors, 2013 and 365. Now there’s an Office for everybody and Simplex-IT’s own Bob Coppedge is ready to make the introductions. Whether you’re a home user or small, medium or enterprise business there’s an Office Suite to meet your individual budget and productivity needs. More than ever before, Office gives you the Power of Choice!

The New Office works great across many devices – laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones – the modern interface is equally at home with touch, mouse, keyboard or pen. And new subscription services mean you get automatic future updates as well as cloud storage via SkyDrive, allowing you to access your content from virtually anywhere. There’s so much that’s new!

Simplex-IT’s popular monthly Lunchinars are always free, open to all and focused on sharing information. Join us!

Where:                Hattie’s Café, 164 N. Main Street, Hudson

When:                  Wednesday, March 20, 2013 from 11:30am-1:00pm

As a bonus, we will be awarding a door prize of Microsoft Office 2010 to one lucky attendee. Free food AND free software – how awesome is that!

We remind you, though, seating is limited. To reserve yours, register at EventBrite –, email or call 234.380.1277. Come join the fun!

Extra! Extra! Extra!

We will once again be webcasting this LIVE event using Microsoft Lync. It’s free and it’s easy. If you can’t make the lunchinar in person but would like to listen in from the comfort and convenience of your office, contact me at the above numbers and I’ll send you the details on how you can connect.

Once again, as he has done at the beginning of every year, Simplex-IT’s Bob Coppedge dusted off his magical crystal ball and peered into the future. Nearly 30 attendees of our January Lunchinar listened as he discussed his prognostications of the emerging IT technologies  he believes will have an impact on small-to-medium businesses in the coming year.

We are pleased to report that presentation is now available on our YouTube channel for you to enjoy from the privacy and comfort of your office.  Just click on the thumbnail below, kick up your feet and take a magic carpet ride with Bob. It’ll be just like you were there – except you won’t get to enjoy the free lunch! Enjoy!

They packed the room! Simplex-IT’s Bob Coppedge and Kevin Dutkiewicz discussed the next evolution of Microsoft’s ubiquitous Office Suite for 2013 at our very well attended Lunchinar for September 2012. In addition to the product’s new features they also emphasized and highlighted the profound changes to the product’s platform that are sure to maintain Microsoft’s leadership in the industry moving forward.

Just click on the following thumbnail, sit back and enjoy!

A Preview of Office 2013

I’m at the xChange event in Dallas this week, and Sunday watched the keynote presented by Microsoft.  Now keep in mind that I’ve got a long history of Microsoft presentations. I’ve probably owned over 100 t-shirts from Redmond, and have sat through thousands of PowerPoint slides.  I’ve drank the Kool Aid enough times so that I look like a cross between Microsoft Bob and the Kool Aid guy (nope, not pretty).  So Sunday was just another one.  In too many ways, it seems.

Spoiler alert:  Their products are actually pretty darn good.  That ain’t the problem.

The Microsoft presentation was two-fold.  Actually it was classic Microsoft.  First we’ll get a mid-level exec to get up and talk about what a big year it was (or will be), and how Microsoft’s commitment is to increase/decrease the good/bad thing about the desktop/server environment.  Then we’ll get a technical wonk to get up and demonstrate some aspects about the new stuff that used to get us going “ooh” and “aah.”  Then there’ll be a call to action, wrap up and life is good.  A fine presentation, demonstrating fine features.

Here’s the challenge.  There are two areas that Microsoft desperately wants to compete in.  Cloud services and tablets.  Software/services and hardware/platform.  And although Microsoft has made great strides in the first, there’s still a long way to go.  And let’s not talk about Windows tablets to date, shall we?  They would make the Zune look like…well, an iPad.

So, what’s Microsoft’s answer to these challenges?  A combination of technologies:

  • Windows 8, especially the versions for a full and limited featured table platform
  • Office 2013 (for, um…Office stuff)
  • SkyDrive (cloud storage)

Back to the presentation.  When the wonk demoed the products, he demonstrated primarily the core functionality of the products.  “Look at this new feature in PowerPoint.”  “See how the Outlook keeps the number of open windows to a minimum.”

Seriously?  Yes.  There are some nice new features in Office 2013.  There are nice new features in Windows 8.

But a lot of people, a large, large lot of people don’t care.  These are the people for whom XP and Office 2003 are “good enough.”  The people who got an iPad because “they’re really easy to use.”

People who just want to get their work done.

We’ve all heard end users say “I just use Word for letters and memos.”  So the spinning widget thingie feature that every new version of this stuff includes is really not all that critical.  But:

  • “I want to use Word (for the following examples, Word can be replaced by Excel, PowerPoint, etc) on my tablet.”
  • “I want to use Word on my laptop/desktop.”
  • “I want to access my Word documents that I changed on my tablet from my laptop.”
  • “I want to access my Word documents that I changed on my tablet from a desktop at the library.”
  • “I only want to learn one version of Windows.”
  • “I only want to learn one version of Word.”

You know what the answer is for all these questions and needs?  It’s “Okey-dokey.”  Or as Microsoft would say “The capability exists within the differing layers of application cross-functionality within the diverse and yet tangentially cohesive…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

And we’re not even touching the savings of singular platform from a support standpoint.

This is the cool stuff.  This is the discussion that Microsoft should be having, should be screaming at the public.  “Our tablets can be powerful enough that you won’t need a laptop or desktop.  Or they’ll be more limited, but priced to compete with iPads (and still have a derivative of Word).  And with some licensing (say Office 365), one software license will suffice for several devices.”

And you’ll only have to learn it once.

This is big time stuff.  Standardizing an effective (critical point) tool across several platforms without sacrificing cost, training or productivity.  Incredibly cool.

This point was brought up at the end of the discussion almost as an afterthought.  And it seems that’s the placement of this particular message from Microsoft.

And I just don’t get it.  For years Microsoft has been looking around for the killer app to get back to the top of their game.  And it’s staring them right in the face.

Also, while we’re at it, why did you get everybody used to the concept of “Windows Metro” and decide 2 months before release that it should be called “Windows UI?”  I assume someone high up at Redmond said “Whoa, Metro sounds too much like a branding normal people would understand…let’s throw in a geeky acronym…hey, it worked for Windows NT, right?”


 As we announced at our July Lunchinar, Microsoft has made the beta of the new Office 2013 available for a trial download. And in keeping with our leadership role in the IT community, Simplex-IT has been reviewing this venerable suite of essential business applications and is ready to report our initial findings.

 We’ll discuss the new features, the tighter integration with Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage, the innovative subscription plans that will make Office 2013 more affordable than ever before and many, many more salient points of interest.

Simplex-IT’s monthly Lunchinars are always free, open to all and focused on sharing information. Join us!

Where:                Hattie’s Café, 164 N. Main Street, Hudson
When:                  Wednesday, September 19, 2012 from 11:30am-1:00pm

As a bonus, we will be awarding door prizes of Windows 7 and Office 2010 to two lucky attendees. Free food AND free software – how awesome is that!

Use Eventbrite to RSVP:

Extra! Extra! Extra!

We will once again be webcasting this event LIVE using Microsoft Lync. It’s free and it’s easy. If you can’t make the lunchinar in person but would like to listen in from the comfort and convenience of your office, RSVP at the above EventBrite link and I’ll send you the details on how you can connect.