Project OnlineBob here.  For those of us who love and adore Project Management tools (and who doesn’t love managing 21st century multi-layered projects involving resources spread around the world in completely different organization with tools and metaphors designed nearly a century ago so assembly lines could make bombs faster?), I’ve got great news!

As many of you know (especially if you pay attention to our Blog), Microsoft recently released their first Beta (whoops, customer Preview) of Office 2013.  Now, it stands to reason that part of the Office 2013 upgrade will involve integrating it with Office 365.

Well, it goes deeper than that.  Microsoft recently announced that Office 365 will now include a version of Project.  Project Online.

Of course, it’s not as simple as “oh, there’s the new version, let’s play!”  This is Microsoft we’re talking about.  Several additional versions of Project that directly or indirectly work through the web are part of this packaging, in addition to the standard version of Project that we know so well (Project, Project Server, Project Professional).

For more information about Microsoft’s Project strategy, see Mary Jo Foley’s article here.

For information about Project Online, including how to sign up for it now, click here.