Just the headline of this post is enough to make you say “Ouch”! Or it should be. From a post I just ran across, it’s a story that is too familiar, yet bears repeating.

“May 28th, 2012 became a nightmare for Brigham Young University—a nightmare that will likely continue past Christmas into 2013 and beyond. On that fateful Memorial Day, a failed software upgrade on BYU’s primary server system effectively destroyed hundreds of terabytes of data—including payroll, research, and student data. Backup systems failed to recover most of the data.”

You can read all the gory details in the entire article HERE.

It’s not always a natural disaster that represents the greatest risk to your data and your business. In fact, natural disasters are just a small percentage of the potential threats that can bring your business to a dead halt. Are you willing to risk the consequences, when planning a good Backup and Disaster Recovery plan is so much easier and so much less expensive?

Sometimes it’s just this type of reminder that will get some people to start thinking about whether this could happen to them and their business. If that person is you, why not pick up the phone and give Simplex-IT a call. We’d welcome the opportunity to start a conversation. As it’s been said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In other words, the best time to prevent a disaster is before it happens.

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