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Spring is upon us!  And that means…stay indoors, avoid the sun, and read up on technical stuff!

And of course Microsoft is there to make sure you don’t catch any of those pesky UV rays.

How so?  Why, by making a ton of technical eBooks on all aspects Microsoft available and free for the download.

SharePoint?  Check.  SQL?  Got it.  Azure?  Even so.  And it’s a combination of the latest versions (Windows Server 2012) as well as the more popular versions (Server 2008 R2).

Did I mention they’re free?

Click here, and thank Microsoft for helping you keep that tan-free body of yours as pasty as possible!

Bob here.  This is a quick post, but I know that Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 can get pretty confusing as to which plan has which feature set.

Well, I found a site worth checking out.  Click here to see exactly that.

Yup, it can be confusing.  But it’s worthwhile making sure that the Office 365 plan you select has the features you need.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions.