With Christmas right around the corner and the suspicion that a lot of people may be going into withdrawal because Windows 8 that comes on their new computer lacks a Start menu, I thought this article might be of some help.

Much has been said and written about Windows 8 lack of a Start menu. Greg Schultz, in his Tech Republic blog (you can read the entire post HERE) gives a host of tips on how to navigate the new interface – using the mouse or the keyboard. If you really, really want to have a Start menu, he even points you to a few 3rd party replacement options (a couple he mentions are FREE!).

You’ll find several other links at the bottom of his post that will point you to Tips for Navigating Windows 8 With Your Mouse and How to Customize Tiles on the Start Screen.

And, if you’re hungry for even more, you’ll find a link where you can sign up for Tech Republic’s Windows and Office newsletter. That’s something that could come in handy when you’re trying to figure out that new computer Santa brought!