Bob Talking Surface!Back on 8 December I had the fun experience of talking about Microsoft’s new Surface tablets at the GCPCUG monthly meeting.  Since the topic of the whole meeting was holiday gift ideas, folks wanted to know how the Surface stacked up as a stocking stuffer (ok, big stocking).

It does seem that whenever I talk about Windows 8, especially tablets, there are a few questions that always seem to come up.  Microsoft (I know this will come as a shock) seems to have a bit of difficulty effectively branding and communicating their product lines to the rest of us out here.

As I expected, these questions were brought up by interested folks:

  1. Is there a difference between a Windows 8 tablet and a Surface Tablet?
  2. Why did Microsoft make the change to the interface for my new laptop?  What did I ever do to them?
  3. When more than 2 people with Microsoft Surface Tablets get together, do they immediately start dancing and swapping their keyboards?

And the answers:

  1. Microsoft decided to make their own line of tablets running Windows 8.  They’re called Surface.  There are two versions, the Surface RT (running Windows RT) and the Surface Pro (running full Windows 8 Pro, not released yet).  But other manufacturers (Dell, Asus to name a couple) make their own tablets running Windows 8.
  2. The main reason is so the interface is the same, no matter what device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, even server) you’re using.  Ok, you got me.  The real reason?  They don’t like you.  They never did.  Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us.
  3. Yes.  And that’s why whenever I see somebody get out a Surface tablet and I’ve got mine, I run away screaming.